Partnering with consumers

Monash Health is committed to the involvement of consumers, carers and community members at all levels of our organisation.

We understand that the delivery of effective, timely and quality healthcare is only possible by working together with patients and their families.

At an individual level, that means listening to patients and families when we are caring for them. At the organisational level, it means involving consumers in our hospitals and community health centres and providing opportunities for them to give advice and feedback on how we do things. In this way, consumer participation at Monash Health is embedded at all levels of the organisation.

Community Advisory Committee

One important way that consumer advisors are involved at Monash Health is through our Community Advisory Committee.

Become a Consumer Advisor

Consumer Advisors are an important way for Monash Health to foster partnerships with the broader community, to ensure we are meeting community needs.

Consumer Review Online

Provide input and feedback to the hospital on quality improvement projects that will affect patients, families and carers.

Monash Health is guided by the principles of the Safer Care Victoria (SCV) Partnering in Healthcare Framework and National Standards 2: Partnering with Consumers.

Monash Health has a consumer participation framework that guides our partnering with consumer activities.

Why become a consumer advisor?

Consumer advisor Monash Health, Zuben


Consumer Advisor

“I am able to sit and discuss various topics, and provide my perspective as a young person and someone from a multicultural background. The conversation becomes very interesting!”

Safer Care Victoria, Partnering in healthcare framework

Visit the Safer Care Victoria website to learn more

Contact information

The involvement opportunities for consumers are coordinated by the Consumer Partnerships Manager.


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Clayton VIC 3168