Community Advisory Committee

One important way that consumer advisors are involved at Monash Health is through our Community Advisory Committee (CAC).

The CAC is an advisory committee to the Monash Health Board of Directors.  It works to provide a voice for the community and consumers in strategic decision making at Monash Health.

The CAC responsibilities and membership are outlined in the Committee Terms of Reference and Member Code of Conduct. There is a position description which provides more detail about what being a member of the CAC entails. CAC members are unpaid volunteers.

All applications to the CAC are considered on a case-by-case basis through a formal interview process. Consumer advisors who are already on the consumer advisor register are welcome to apply. Applicants who are not already on the register will need to join the consumer advisor register if they are successful.


Consumer Advisor

“As someone who has grown up in two different cultures I think I can help Monash Health to better tailor its services for migrant and refugee communities.”


Applications for the Monash Health Community Advisory Committee open as vacancies become available. Registrations are currently open, please register your interest using the link below.

Monash Health Community Advisory Committee registration

Register your interest in the Monash Health Community Advisory Committee

Contact information

Involvement opportunities for consumers are coordinated by the Consumer Partnerships Manager.

Community Member Biographies

Vivienne Interrigi (Chair)

Viv is a qualified Family Therapist, Educator, Trainer, Lecturer and passionate advocate and facilitator within the community. Viv’s experience of breast cancer has changed her world and redefined how she works and lives – to inspire passion, resilience and empathy. This is manifested through her role as Community Ambassador for both the National Breast Cancer Foundation and the Mother’s Day Classic. Viv is also a representative of the WeCan Project on Supportive Care, as well as President of a community netball club. Viv’s passion for contributing to the community and advocating for others has led her to her involvement as a Consumer Advisor for Monash Health’s Community Advisory Committee, Cancer Governance Therapy Committee and Cancer Centre Executive Committee. As Viv sees it, she has gained a second lease on life, making her every day more meaningful and worthwhile.

Mo Hay

Mo has an extensive background in Safety and Injury Management. She has held managerial positions with numerous National Worker’s Compensation organisations and later worked as an Injury Management and Safety Advisor for the Australian Federal Police (AFP) for Victoria and Tasmania. After leaving the AFP, Mo volunteered as an Advocate Guardian and Independent Third Person for the Office of the Public Advocate. Her passion for safety also led her to teach First Aid and Occupational Health & Safety at Holmesglen TAFE for a number of years. As a member of Monash Health’s Community Advisory Committee, Mo applies her extensive skills, knowledge and passion for safety when advocating for others.

Steve Draper 

Steve is a qualified Electronic Engineer and Science Teacher who has worked in research and development, broadcasting, audio and education. He has been the E-learning and Technology Coordinator and is currently the Head of Physics at Melbourne High School. He also teaches VCE Physics, Science and Mathematics. In a volunteering capacity, Steve has mentored disadvantaged high school students, set up an industry-education partnership in cancer research, was a board member of a hospital radio station and a fundraiser for the 65km for Cystic Fibrosis walk. As a parent of a child with Cystic Fibrosis, Steve was inspired to become involved with the Monash Health Cystic Fibrosis Consumer Advisory Group, as well as the Community Advisory Committee. In this role, and as a consumer of Monash Health services, Steve’s lived experiences allow him to contribute valuable insight and ideas that lead to positive and lasting changes for our patients and carers.

Elizabeth Toth

Elizabeth currently lives a wonderful community lifestyle in Berwick Waters. Previously, Elizabeth enjoyed a busy work life at Coloplast medical company. In her role as Executive Assistant, Elizabeth oversaw a number of areas, including, office management, HR, OH&S, First Aid Officer and auditing responsibilities. You could say Elizabeth was a skilled ‘all-rounder’.  In 2012, Elizabeth had a stroke and gained first-hand experience of Monash Health services.  After her recovery, and wanting to give back, Elizabeth became a volunteer at Cranbourne Integrated Centre, once again relying on her remarkable ability to adapt to various roles within the organisation. Elizabeth enjoys participating in a morning tea group that supports stroke victims and people with other illnesses. In 2019, Elizabeth joined the Monash Health Consumer Advisor program, which she found to be profoundly gratifying. She joined two committees and became involved with various projects. Elizabeth looks forward to continuing her important community work and being a member of the Community Advisory Committee.

Shirley Glance

Shirley is the daughter of Holocaust survivors who arrived in Melbourne in 1949. Shirley contracted Poliomyelitis as a baby, and at 14 years of age, as she was being wheeled down to theatre for her first of many operations, she recalls being asked, “Are you having your tonsils out?” This, Shirley says, was her ‘light bulb moment’, realising that from then on, she needed to speak up for herself, as well as for others. This is the main principle Shirley lives by through her extensive involvement within the Polio community. In 2016 Shirley was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and recognised an opportunity to raise awareness for people living with a disability and having breast cancer. For the past thirty years, Shirley has also been involved with the National Council of Jewish Women, advocating for the education and empowerment of women. Married to her supportive husband for 40 years and awarded the Order of Australia medal, Shirley continues to advocate for others in any way she can.

Tanja Rykovska

Tanja takes what life gives her, transforms it with love to create growth in her own life, and uses her knowledge and experience to contribute to positive change. Tanja has been supporting migrants and refugees to achieve economic and social participation in Australian society through her English as Additional Language Teacher role. Teaching English to adults provides pathways to jobs, volunteering and opportunities in the community to use skills and knowledge that everyone brings to this country. As a carer for an adolescent with a complex health condition, Tanja is connected to different carer support organisations where she seeks help when needed and provides peer support when she can. Tanja is interested in seeing existing and emerging technologies being used to communicate with patients and carers, to provide information, support and opportunities for education and prevention. Tanja’s personal experience as a migrant and carer creates the context for her involvement as a Consumer Advisor and member of the CAC at Monash Health.

Yvonne Turner

Yvonne has held several senior management positions, both in Australia and overseas, in large and complex industries that deliver services to businesses and communities. Yvonne is passionate about utilising her skills and experience to make a difference to the health and community sectors. She has extensive board member experience in these sectors, including post-traumatic mental health supporting veterans, regional health, social and affordable housing. Her strategic thinking skills and appreciation for good governance strengthens her focus on consumers, stakeholders and the community. Yvonne has gained valuable insights as a carer, and also from a regional perspective (as a former board member of Colac Area Health). She is a Consumer Advisor on various Monash Health committees and currently sits on the board of Unison Housing Limited, which provides safe, secure housing and health support services to the vulnerable in Victoria.

Steven Tang (Vice Chair)

Steven is a senior commercial lawyer practising in a large East Coast-based firm, having previously served for 2 terms with the Glen Eira City Council. He is passionate about ensuring Monash Health best meets the needs of its diverse, multicultural community. As a parent of a child cancer survivor, who owes so much to the Monash Children’s Cancer Centre, Steven is particularly keen to be a strong consumer voice for those families who come through Monash Children’s Hospital and all of Monash Health’s children’s services. Steven brings his analytical and strategic thinking and lived experience to the Community Advisory Committee and looks forward to contributing to a strong and successful partnership between Monash Health and the community it serves.

Niloy Dutta

Niloy is an experienced data and information technology professional with an education in Electrical Engineering. Born in Kolkata, West Bengal in India and having migrated to Australia 14 years ago, he now calls Melbourne home. Niloy is passionate about mentoring, coaching and using his insight to drive strategy and policy. Niloy maintains community ties by volunteering in local Bengali community activities. He has also been a mentor for ‘Australian Network on Disability’ participants. Recently, Niloy has experienced Monash Health services first hand as a carer for his mother and wife. This experience has encouraged Niloy to join the Community Advisory Committee, where he can tap into his passion for public policy and contribute to Monash Health’s vision and direction.