Electronic Medical Records

As part of our commitment to providing safe, high quality and timely care, we create and store medical records in our secure, electronic medical record system. This means that your treating team will have access to your up-to-date medical information in one place.

What are Electronic Medical Records?

Electronic Medical Records are the way we document, manage and store your relevant health information as part of your care. They will replace paper-based records in inpatient services across all Monash Health sites, starting with Dandenong Hospital and Cranbourne Integrated Care Centre from late August.

Monash Health Electronic Medical Records are not the same as My Health Record. My Health Record is the federal government’s online summary of your key health information. Our Electronic Medical Records system is our own enclosed system.

How does it work?

When you’re admitted to the hospital, you’ll be given a wristband with a digital barcode printed on it. We’ll use this as one of the ways we confirm your identity, adding an extra layer of safety in the way we manage your records, and provide personalised care. Only approved Monash Health employees will have access to your electronic medical records.

Your treating team, including nurses, doctors and allied health, will enter information into a secure, electronic record. You may see them doing this using an electronic device, such as a computer on wheels, laptop or tablet.

Benefits for you

Using electronic medical records will ensure your clinical information is in one place and help us to provide the best care for you. Information about your relevant history, medications, test results and assessments will be easily available for our employees to make informed decisions about your treatment and care.

Important information about you, such as allergies, will be securely stored and readily available for all your hospital admissions, meaning you won’t have to repeatedly provide this information. With your consent, we’ll also be able to send your doctor an electronic summary of your stay, ensuring a seamless transfer of care.

Frequently asked questions

Why have you changed to an electronic system?

We’re always looking for ways to use technology to improve patient and consumer experience and the quality of care we provide. Our electronic medical records enable us to do this by ensuring information is accessible, up-to-date and secure.

Is this the same as My Health Record?

No. My Health Record is the federal government’s online summary of your key health information.

How do I know my information is secure?

Keeping your information safe and secure is a priority for us. The way we store information is regulated by the Australian government. We have strict security measures in place to ensure your medical information remains safe and your privacy is respected. As per your paper records, only Monash Health employees involved in your care have access to your information.

Can I access my electronic medical record?

Just like your paper records, access to your electronic medical records can be made via a Freedom of Information request. For more information, please click here.

Will hospitals outside of Monash Health be able to access my electronic medical records?

No. Our Electronic Medical Records system is our own enclosed system. Only Monash Health employees involved in your care have access to your information in this way.

How do I get a summary of my stay?

When you leave the hospital, you will receive a summary of your stay. Our team will send a digital copy, with greater detail, to your general practitioner and other relevant care providers, with your consent.

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