Your hospital stay

Monash Health is committed to providing high quality, safe and effective care. Your healthcare professionals will work in partnership with you to ensure the best possible care and recovery.

Your admission

If your procedure is scheduled for the morning, you should not eat or drink from midnight the night before

If your procedure is scheduled for the afternoon, you should not eat or drink from 7am. You may have a light breakfast of tea and toast, but this must be consumed before 7am.

It is important that you arrive on time for your appointment to allow time for preparation.

  • Surgical Booking Centre – Phone: 1800 786 188
  • Bed Allocation Office – Phone: (03) 9594 2111

Surgery Pre-admissions clinic

In preparation for your surgery we may arrange an appointment with the Pre-Admission Clinic in the two weeks prior to your proposed surgery date. We would arrange this appointment if you need to see a doctor, anaesthetist, nurse or other health professional as part of preparation for surgery. This appointment provides an opportunity to discuss any concerns or ask any further questions about your surgery.

The Pre-Admission Clinic appointment may take two hours or longer depending on the complexity of the surgery.

Did you know, stopping smoking could be the key to a more successful surgery, and a better recovery?

What to bring


Where relevant, please remember to bring:

  • Referral letter
  • Admission letter
  • All current medication, X-rays, test results
  • Healthcare card, Medicare card, Pension card, Department of Veterans’ Affairs card, Pharmaceutical Safety Net and Hearing Aid Services cards
  • Private health insurance details, pharmaceutical entitlement number
  • Copy of Power of Attorney, advanced care plan
  • TAC and WorkCover claim numbers including employer details
  • Two telephone contact numbers of a friend or relative
  • Name, address and telephone number of your local doctor

Clothing and footwear

Bring comfortable, relaxed clothing for day and night use, including underwear, which must be cleaned and maintained throughout the stay by a family member or carer. All items must be clearly named.

Wear shoes that are firm and supportive. Bed socks or loose footwear are unsuitable as they increase the risk of falls.


You may wish to bring items such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, a hairbrush, dentures and a shaver. Some items may be purchased from the gift shop at your location.

Personal items

If required, ensure you bring your glasses or contact lenses (with the necessary cleaning equipment), hearing aids (with a spare set of batteries), continence aids, and breathing aids (spacer for inhalers or a CPAP machine).

Valuables and Technology

While we provide a safe and secure environment at Monash Medical Centre, you remain responsible for your own valuables and technology.


We encourage you to leave your jewellery, wallets, significant amounts of cash and other items of value at home.

Mobile Phones, tablets, laptop computers

You may choose to bring electronic devices however we encourage you to bring only what is absolutely essential.


Available throughout Monash Medical Centre.

Mains powered radios, TV’s, CD or DVD players 

Please leave these items at home.  Televisions are installed and available for hire at each bed.  Battery operated radios, CD or DVD players may be brought into the hospital and used with earphones to avoid disturbing other patients.

Cigarettes, Alcohol and Illegal Drugs

Patients and Visitors may not smoke, drink alcohol or use drugs on hospital premises unless prescribed by medical staff, and these items are not permitted to be brought into the hospital.

Ward and room facilities


Every bed has its own telephone, which you can hire. All charges will be explained upon admission. If you don’t wish to hire the telephone, incoming calls can still be received.


Every bed has its own television, which you can hire. All charges will be explained upon admission.

Food and meal services

Monash Health specialises in preparing nutritious meals for people in a healthcare setting and serves a variety of options to meet clinical, dietary, cultural and religious requirements, including Kosher and Halal choices.

At your time of admission, please let your nurse or midwife know if you have any dietary requirements or food allergies.

Meal Times

Meals are served at set times across the day.

Meal Selection and ordering

Meal selections are taken daily by our menu monitors using an electronic meal ordering system (Delegate).

Special diet requirements and nutrition information are available on request.

Bringing food in from home for patients 

We understand some patients prefer their own food. It is important that any food which has been brought in for patients has been prepared, transported, stored and reheated safely to prevent food poisoning.

Read more about food and meal services at Monash Health.

Spiritual care

Spiritual care offers people holistic and compassionate care through counselling, advocacy and listening.

Volunteers provide bed side visiting. Services of worship representing most denominations are held in our multi-faith Chapels.

Read more about spiritual care at Monash Health.

Feeling worse? Are you concerned about a family member in hospital?

You know yourself and your family member best. You may notice changes before we do. If you notice a change, are feeling worse, or have any concerns, tell the nurse or doctor immediately. If you are still concerned, speak to the nurse in charge at the desk.

If you need an interpreter, ask us and we will arrange one.

Hospital/site specific translated posters in some languages can be downloaded from the Family Escalations of Care translations page.

Contact number(s):


Our services and programs are not offered at all or each of our locations. Therefore patients may need to be transferred to access specialist care for their medical requirements.


Pharmacists will supply most medications during your stay and at discharge. Pharmacists provide advice to medical staff, nursing staff and patients. If you would like written information about your medications, please ask for a Consumer Medicines Information (CMI) leaflet.

Inpatients will not be charged for medicines supplied.  However, any medicines dispensed on discharge will incur the same PBS co-payment as community pharmacies.  Patients will need to present their:

  • Medicare card
  • Healthcare card
  • Repat card
  • Safety Net card
  • Pensioner Concession card
  • Commonwealth Seniors Health card

Going home

Discharge is approximately 10am after consultation with treating medical staff.  Some patients may be transferred to the Discharge Lounge prior to leaving the hospital.

Medication and further appointment information will be provided on discharge by our staff if applicable.

Medical transport will be organised if applicable, or taxi services will be arranged at the patient’s cost

The Discharge Lounge is open 8.30am – 5pm  Monday to Friday at Monash Medical Centre (Clayton), Dandenong Hospital, Casey Hospital and Kingston Hospital.

It is very important for your family members or carers to make plans for you to go home before the time of your discharge. We recommend this is done at admission to make sure you have time to plan a smooth transition from our care and back to your home.

Please work with your family members or carers to make all necessary arrangements (including with non-Monash Health providers), so you can be discharged at the date and time given.

If you feel you have reasons that may stop you from leaving Monash Health or returning home, please talk with your treating team as early as possible so that they can discuss other options with you.