Monash Health Research Support Services is a collaborative initiative that strengthens links between education and training, basic and clinical research, and patient care.

Research Governance

Research Governance

Research governance is a framework for the scientific quality, ethical acceptability and safety of the research they sponsor or approve to be conducted.

Human Research Ethics

Human Research Ethics

The Monash Health Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) and a Human Research Ethics Low Risk Review Panel reviews proposals involving Monash Health patients, employees and resources.

Research Support Services

Research Support Services

Monash Health Research Support Services is responsible for all human research projects conducted by Monash Health and its Monash Health Translation Precinct partners.

Commercial sponsors

Working with commercial sponsors allows us to expand our research capacity.

Emerging Researcher Fellowship

The Emerging Researcher Fellowships encourage Monash Health’s emerging researchers to conduct a research project.

Monash Health Translation Precinct

A collaborative initiative of Monash Health, Monash University and Hudson Institute of Medical Research.

Monash Health Research Repository

The repository provides access to publications by Monash Health employees, promoting hospital-based researchers.

Current studies and consumer involvement in research

Learn about the current studies at Monash Health and how researchers are partnering with consumers.

COVID-19 research

Researchers at Monash Health are involved in a wide variety of research studies to better understand COVID-19 and provide better treatment to the community.

Potential research opportunities for junior clinical staff

A database of current Monash Health research projects and contacts for junior clinicians looking for research opportunities.

Monash Health Library Services

Access quality information rapidly, at any time and place for patient care and research