Patient experience

We provide experiences that exceed expectations.

This means that:

  • We improve the quality and consistency of our patients, families and carers experiences of care
  • Our treatment and care is provided in consultation with you
  • We partner with you to deliver the care and treatment that best suits your needs
  • We support people in planning for their advanced stages of life
  • We empower our community to positively influence the way we work

The way that care is delivered is as important as the care that is delivered.

What Matters to our Patients, Families, and Carers?

You’ve told us what matters to you:

Care: Expressing empathy and compassion while establishing a personal connection with patients.

Comfort: A healing environment, nutritious meals, cleanliness, adequate equipment and amenities.

Communication: Providing information in a way that is clear, easy to understand, timely, appropriate and meets your needs.

Coordination: Seamless and efficient coordination of care between providers, teams and settings.

Your patient experience is underpinned by the way we provide care, comfort, communication and coordination.

Talking to your health team

Did you know?

…that many of us will forget up to 80% of the information a health worker tells us as soon as we leave the appointment? That is why it is important for patients, or family and carers to use check-back.

Can I check-back with my health worker?

Yes, as a patient or consumer of a health service you have a right to ask questions and be involved in decisions about your care.

You also have the right to receive information from health workers in a way that you can understand.

Learn how to use check-back

This 15 minute e-learning module on, will help build your skills and confidence so you can use check-back whenever you are talking with a health worker:  Let’s go…