The Alternate Leisure Initiative

An initiative to increase physical activity and social connection in Alternate Leisure settings

Alternate leisure settings are defined as:

  • dance studios
  • trampoline centres
  • children’s play centres
  • entertainment centres
  • ten pin bowling centres
  • arcade
  • water parks
  • go karting
  • laser tag settings
  • rock climbing centres and more.


The Alternate Leisure Initiative will help your setting to strengthen your health and wellbeing practices and create healthier environments. It will help you look at all areas of your setting and how these can be changed to improve the health and wellbeing for everyone who visits.

We recognise that, as an alternate leisure setting, you are already encouraging physical activity and social connection. The Alternative Leisure Initiative focuses on improving environments for healthy eating and inclusion, and being involved will help more people access the benefits of your setting.

The Alternate Leisure Initiative is currently in a pilot phase in the City of Casey, City of Greater Dandenong and Cardinia Shire Council during 2022-23.

Benefits of getting involved

In addition to improving health and wellbeing of your employees and community, there are a number of other benefits:

  • It is completely FREE to be involved and so is the ongoing support
  • Free promotion and publicity
  • Receive local level, expert support to guide your setting through the process and build local connections
  • Strengthen community connection and improve accessibility to your setting
  • Shape the initiative to your needs and focus on your choice of health area
  • Work at your own pace with support tailored accordingly
  • Increase promotion of your setting to the community
  • Access to free health and wellbeing workshops for your setting
  • Increase community visitation to your setting through the provision of free entry fees

How was it developed?

The Alternate Leisure Initiative has been created through an ethics approved research project which used co-design and design thinking principles, titled ‘Exploring Alternate Leisure settings as a place-based health promotion approach’.

The research project showed that alternate leisure settings supported people’s social, physical and mental health and wellbeing. The final Alternate Leisure Initiative has been created based on community needs.

How does it work?

Alternate leisure settings can work through the initiative at your own pace in a step by step process, while receiving expert, local-level support. There is a commitment stage to start actioning health and wellbeing practices, followed by two health areas to work through, healthy eating and inclusion.

If you identify your workplace as an alternate leisure setting then contact us to register your interest. We will then organise a time to meet with you to further explain how to get started.

By working through The Alternate Leisure Initiative you can be formally recognised as a healthy alternate leisure setting in your community!


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