Healthy Eating

Improving access to nutritious and affordable food for everyone. 

Shaping a healthier food system

In our work across Cardinia Shire, the City of Casey and Greater Dandenong, we promote health initiatives focusing on nutrition, food access and healthy eating.

We support volunteers, employees, cooks and food retail staff through implementing Healthy Choices guidelines and other frameworks. Our goal is to enhance the availability of healthy food options in early childhood education, schools, sports clubs, recreation facilities and within hospitals and community services.

Frameworks guiding our work  

We endorse a number of frameworks encouraging services to make healthy changes, including: 

  • Achievement Program for schools and early years services 
  • Vic Kids Eat Well in schools, Outside School Hours Care (OSHC), recreation facilities and sports clubs
  • Healthy Sports Clubs framework supporting sports clubs working through the Healthy Food and Beverages health area 
  • Healthy Choices in recreation facilities, sports clubs and internally at Monash Health.

Find out how we can support your organisation by visiting the Health Promotion webpage. 

Capacity building education sessions  

Our dietitian provides nutrition workshops and activities for eligible community settings engaged in our health promotion work, including: 

  • hands-on activities for kids  
  • webinars  
  • in-person education sessions for parents, staff and volunteers. 

Topics include:  

  • general healthy eating guidelines 
  • healthy kids’ lunchboxes  
  • fussy eating 
  • the Healthy Choices guidelines 
  • how to use FoodChecker to assess your menu 
  • adhering to service menu planning guidelines and
  • catering for people with allergies.  

If you are interested in how our team can support you, contact us at

Local partnerships and collaborations

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Food from Home

We have partnered with Enliven and The Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute to support the social marketing campaign Food from Home, designed to encourage people to grow fruits and vegetables at home.  The campaign includes newsletters, blogs, recipes, ‘how-to’ guides, and growing resources. 

Visit the Food from Home website for more information.

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Farm to School project

Farm to School is a project of the Nourish Network. Monash Health is collaborating with Peninsula Health, Cardinia Shire Council and Deakin University’s Nourish Network to create a pilot Farm to School project to test in southeast Melbourne. We recently held a co-design session to hear from the community and will start the pilot in 2024. 

Find out more at Farm to School Project. 

Schools’ Community of Practice

We host a regular health and well-being-focused Community of Practice for schools, which covers a broad range of topics, such as canteens and healthy eating.

Visit the Healthy Schools page for more information. 

Healthy Sports Clubs Network

We facilitate a quarterly health and wellbeing-focused Network for local sports clubs to share tips and collaborate on various health topics, including healthy eating.

Visit the Healthy Sports Clubs page for more information.


South East Food & Nutrition Network (SEFNN)

Our team leads SEFNN, uniting organisations across Cardinia Shire, the City of Casey, the City of Greater Dandenong, Mornington Peninsula Shire and Frankston City Council. Aiming for enhanced food systems and healthier eating, SEFNN encourages information sharing and capacity building in the food system workforce.

Contact Alexis at if you want more information or want to join this network. 


Food Systems South East (FSSE)

FSSE is a network uniting individuals working in food systems health promotion in the south east of Melbourne. Formed from SEFNN members’ desire to connect with a broader region, FSSE focuses on building connections, sharing information, facilitating collaboration and reducing duplication. 

Contact Alexis at if you would like more information or would like to join this network.

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Supported Residential Services (SRS)

Supported Residential Services are important in supporting their residents’ health by providing meals and snacks that reflect the Australian Dietary Guidelines. 

We have developed a resource guide to assist SRS to improve their menus. 

Download the Healthy Food Program in Supported Residential Services.

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Oromo Community Garden

Join our community gardening group run by volunteers. 

Location: Afri-Aus Care Inc, 562 Springvale Road, Springvale South.      

Time: Monday 11am to 2pm. 

No need to register. All welcome.

Contact Marama Kufi at if you would like more information. 

Upcoming events 

Oromo Community Health and Wellbeing Radio station 

Listen to the fortnightly Oromo Community Health and Wellbeing Radio showThe radio show has raised awareness of and provided information on various health and wellbeing topics, including fresh vs. ultra-processed foods and dental care for children

Tune in to find out more.

Useful resources 

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Grow your own

  • Looking for beginner gardening and cooking inspiration? Find everything you need at Food from Home. 
  • Get your garden started with seeds from the Seed Library based at libraries in Cardinia Shire and the City of Casey. Libraries also have a great range of gardening and cooking books to borrow for free. 
  • Get involved in a local community garden. Check out the Community Garden Directory.

Contact Us 

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