Smoke and Vape-Free

Supporting smoke-free and vape-free communities

Tobacco use is still the leading contributor to the burden of disease and premature deaths in Victoria. There are concerns this will increase with the uptake of e-cigarette use, commonly known as vaping. 

We work with settings to create smoke-free and vape-free environments to minimise harm to others from secondhand smoke. We also provide resources to support people to quit smoking and vaping. 

Supporting our services

We value people living, working, attending appointments and socialising in healthy, smoke-free and vape-free environments.  

As part of our work, we have a Smoke-free Action Plan with the following objectives: 

  • Create and embed a smoke-free environment 
  • Reduce employee smoking rates 
  • Support patients to cease smoking. 

Our patient information resources

Our tobacco-free initiatives across our services: 

  • Free nicotine replacement therapy for inpatients wanting to quit smoking 
  • Enviropoles bins for disposal of butt litter before visiting our site.

Discover our resources to quit smoking/vaping or for withdrawal. See below to learn more:

Support we offer 

Our Health Promotion team works with our community clubs, associations, services, schools and groups to reduce tobacco-related harm using various frameworks, including: 

Local partnerships and collaborations 

South-east Vaping Prevention Working Group

We partner with local councils: Cardinia Shire Council, the City of Casey, and the City of Greater Dandenong. We’ve developed an Understanding Vaping webinar and continue working together to reduce tobacco-related harm. 

Contact for more information.

Schools’ Health and Wellbeing Community of Practice 

We host a regular health and wellbeing focussed Community of Practice for schools, focussing on a broad range of topics such as reducing vaping and smoking among students. 

Visit the Healthy Schools page for more information.  

Healthy Sports Clubs Network 

We facilitate a quarterly health and wellbeing focussed Network for local sports clubs to share tips and collaborate on a range of health topics, including healthy eating, smoking, physical activity and inclusion.

Visit the Healthy Sports Clubs page for more information. 

Oromo Community Radio 

Listen to our fortnightly Oromo Community Health and Wellbeing Radio show.  The radio show provides information on various health and wellbeing topics, including smoking and vaping information

Tune in to find out more.

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Contact us  

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