Healthy Sports Clubs

Sports clubs play a vital role in our community and are an important place for positive healthy change.

Healthy Sports Clubs encourages clubs to create healthier environments that promote good health and wellbeing. The initiative is built around a framework that focuses on a whole club approach. It brings together existing health and wellbeing efforts and looks at how they can be strengthened.

How was Healthy Sports Clubs developed?

The development of Healthy Sports Clubs has been led by Monash Health with strong support from Cardinia Shire Council, City of Casey and City of Greater Dandenong.

The collaborative partnership has ensured Healthy Sports Clubs is based on key learnings from the health and sport industries, best practice approaches and is evidence-informed.

How does it work?

Healthy Sport Clubs FrameworkHealthy Sports Clubs shows how the health and wellbeing of club officials, members, players, their families and the wider community can be supported through a whole club approach. This framework is a continuous improvement cycle that keeps clubs improving in health and wellbeing.

The whole of club approach addresses three components that make up a club: club connections, club culture and club environment. They are important and support whole of club health and wellbeing.

Clubs receive ongoing localised support and a suite of resources to progress through the initiative. All clubs will move through the stages of commit, create, initiate and celebrate at their own pace.

Health Areas

There are 9 different health areas as part of Healthy Sports Clubs. Clubs can pick health areas that they are already focusing on, or they can pick an area that is perhaps more challenging and needs improving, it is their choice. The nine health areas are:

health areas icons

Mental Wellness
Injury Prevention
Healthy Food & Beverages
Preventing Drug Harm
Smoke-free Clubs
Physical Activity & Active Recreation
Responsible Alcohol Consumption
Sun Protection

Registered Clubs

Cardinia Shire:

Upper Beaconsfield Cricket Club – recognised for Injury Prevention and working on Mental Wellness
Officer Kangaroos Junior Football Club- working on Injury Prevention
Officer Tennis Club- recognised for Mental Wellness and working on Inclusion (CALD)
Bunyip Tennis Club – working on Mental Wellness
Garfield Football Club – working on Mental Wellness
Catani Netball Club – recognised for Mental Wellness
Officer Cricket Club – working on Mental Wellness
Nar Nar Goon Netball Club – recognised for Mental Wellness and working on Injury Prevention
Officer City Soccer Club – working on Healthy Food & Beverages
Lang Lang Cricket Club – working on Smoke Free Clubs
Bunyip & District Soccer Club – working on Healthy Food & Beverages
Pakenham Lions Netball Club – working on Mental Wellness

City of Casey:

Berwick Little Athletics Club – recognised for Sun Protection
Hampton Park United Sparrows Football Club – working on Healthy Food & Beverages
Casey Netball Association – working on Mental Wellness, Healthy Food & Beverages, Injury Prevention, Physical Activity & Active Recreation, Smoke Free Clubs and Sun Protection
Cranbourne South Tennis Club – working on Inclusion (CALD)
Devon Meadows Tennis Club – working on Inclusion (CALD)
Doveton Tennis Club – working on Inclusion (CALD)

City of Greater Dandenong:

Victorian Masters Athletics Springvale/Noble Park – recognised for Healthy Food and Beverages (level 1), working on Healthy Food & Beverages (level 2/3)
Noble Community Tennis Club – working on Inclusion (CALD)

News and Events

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