GP Liaison Unit

Learn more about Monash Health’s GP Liaison service.

Important information for health professionals

Visit COVID-19 information for health professionals and GPs for the latest information about Monash Health’s response to the coronavirus disease.

Key aims of GP Liaison

  • Enable improved GP engagement and representation
  • Improve communication between Monash Health and GPs, Primary Health Networks, Health Professionals in the community and other Primary Care Stakeholders
  • Collaborate to support continuous professional development for primary care health providers
  • Support compliments / feedback management

Contact information

Secure eReferral Support


1300 342 273 (Dial 6 for support using HealthLink)

Secure eReferrals resources

For support using HealthLink, visit our Secure eReferrals page.

Monash Health GP Liaison

Dr Alan Andrews
Margaret Ricardo

Maternity GP Liaison Unit

Dr Rebecca Fradkin
Ms Josie Ciotta

For more information, please visit the Monash Women’s website.


GP Liaison Newsletter

Welcome to Monash Minute, our new quarterly publication for primary health practitioners:

If you would like to receive newsletters and updates from the GP Liaison Unit please email –

Reduce Faxes Received from Monash Health

Monash Health encourages all GP practices in the catchment to register with HealthLink.

HealthLink – What is it?

HealthLink is a secure messaging application that allows Monash Health departments to electronically send you patient reports which are downloaded into your clinical software.

HealthLink is free for GPs to receive correspondence. With HealthLink you can easily receive radiology and pathology lab reports, specialist reports, patient updates, cardiology reports, discharge and event summaries.

HealthLink – Why should I use it?

  • No more faxes from Monash Health because receiving communications via HealthLink replaces faxed reports and results.
  • It is a secure method to receive your patient’s information.
  • It is efficient with less chance of transmission error or failure for example; due to a busy fax line or running out of fax paper.
  • There is no further need to scan faxed results.

How do I register?

Register for HealthLink here

What will it cost?

It is completely free for GPs to receive our correspondence.

If you would like to register your practice with Monash Health, please complete a request form and return to

Secure eReferrals

Visit our Secure eReferrals page for further information and guidance on using HealthLink and how eReferrals work.

Women in Leadership Program 2020

8th and 9th April 2020 at Monash Medical Centre (Click here to register)

21st, 22nd and 23rd October 2020 at Monash Medical Centre (Click here to register)

15th, 16th and 17th December 2020 at Cabrini Institute (Click here to register)

Mark your calendar to join us for our next Women in Leadership program! This three-day workshop will be delivered by Ms. Tracey Ezard and Professor Helena Teede with support from current leaders in healthcare and research.

  • We aim to inspire, encourage and support women in healthcare and research to reach their full career potential.
  • By providing supportive networks and partnerships, we will explore equal opportunity, capacity, capability building and career strategic planning.
  • You will be able to fine-tune your leadership skills by exploring leadership mindset and self-awareness, partnership and collaborative abilities.

Monash Partners Member Organisation Employees: $950
Non-Monash Partners Member Organisation Employees: $1250

For more details visit MCHRI Women in Leadership program or contact us on


We value all feedback provided by GPs. All feedback submitted to Monash Health is thoroughly investigated by a member of staff and changes to our processes or practices are made based on the outcome of the investigation (where indicated).

If you would like to provide feedback to Monash Health, please utilise the form or online tool below.

Downloadable feedback form

PDF Document (Mailing details on form)