The Centre for Clinical Effectiveness (CCE) is an evidence-based practice support unit that partners with health professionals, managers and executive leadership to implement evidence-informed practice to improve healthcare.

CCE represents a unique model of evidence-based support working within a health service.  In collaboration with Monash Health and Monash University, CCE is able to respond directly to the need for practice improvement through knowledge translation via relevant and high quality reviews of evidence conducted by a skilled and experienced team. Click here to meet the team.

We offer a range of reviewsexpertise, services and resources that can help guide health service personnel in using the best available evidence to inform decision-making throughout the organisation, and in everyday clinical practice.  These include:

  • Evidence reviews to inform and engage with healthcare decision making
  • Knowledge translation and implementation advice
  • Effective evaluation of health programs and projects

To find out more about CCE or to partner with us please contact

The CCE Team: From L to R: Gillian Yap, Marie Garrubba, Angela Melder and Corey Joseph