Inflammatory Bowel Disease Service

IBD Service

Monash Health runs an integrated multidisciplinary Inflammatory Bowel Disease service involving adult and paediatric gastroenterologists, colorectal surgeons, IBD nurses and an IBD pharmacist. We run specialised clinics from Monash Medical Centre Clayton and Berwick Healthcare, as well as a Young Adult Clinic (Ages 15-25) and a specialised IBD Pregnancy Clinic (PICCOLO).

Frequently Asked Questions

Head of Service
A/Prof Gregory Moore

A/Prof Sally Bell
Dr Ray Boyapati
Dr Georgie Cunningham
Dr Edward Giles
Dr Rimma Goldberg
Dr Darcy Holt
Dr Debbie Nathan
Dr Lani Prideaux
Dr Edward Shelton
Dr Manjeet Sandhu

Mr Thang Chien (TC) Nguyen
Mr James Lim
Mr Hanumant Chouhan

Dr Charlotte Keung
Dr Ralley Prentice

IBD Nurses
Amanda Desira
Megan Burns

Pathologist: Dr Ian Simpson

Radiologist: Dr Angela Gerstenmaier

Pharmacist: April Van Der Zwan

Administrative Assistant: Jillian Kelly

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