Hepatology Service

The hepatology unit is one of the largest in Australia and is a diverse team of experienced doctors and nurses who specialise in diagnosing and treating liver disorders. These include viral hepatitis (Hepatitis B and C), autoimmune liver diseases, fatty liver, genetic liver diseases (haemochromatosis and Wilsons disease) and hepatocellular cancer (primary liver cancer). We also provide multi- disciplinary care to both inpatients and outpatients with established liver cirrhosis.

The unit is committed to excellence in patient care and clinical and laboratory research. Many of our members are actively involved in academic research in basic sciences and clinical trials, and more recently in innovative tools such as artificial intelligence to guide management.  We have strong collaborative relationships with Monash University, The Prince Henry’s Institute, The Hudson Institute, The Melbourne Liver Group, The Australian Liver Association and industry and government.

Frequently Asked Questions

Head of Service
A/Prof Anouk Dev

Team Members – Medical
A/Prof Sally Bell
Prof William Sievert
A/Prof Stephen Pianko
Dr Suong Le
Dr Ashley Bloom
Dr Gauri Mishra
Dr Dilip Ratnam
Dr Marcus Robertson
Dr Ferry Rusli

Dr Shireen Tabatabai
Dr Thomas Worland

Hepatology Fellow
Dr Michael Braude

Team Members – Nursing
Sherryne Warner
Patricia Anderson

Paul O’Neill
Ingrid De Jong
Vilma Vasquez-Ferriggi

Team Members – Administration
Sears Maxwell
Corra D’Alfonso

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