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The Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Department has a commitment to high level evidenced-based clinical practice, continuing professional development and research. The collective expertise of our dynamic team is considerable with a high publication profile in high impact medical journals and textbooks. We are well-recognised nationally and internationally for clinical and research activities across the field with regular invitations to present and contribute to specialty conferences. Our primary research initiatives involve the investigation and translation of cutting edge technology and new scientific knowledge to disease control, patient well-being, quality of life and optimal functional outcomes in voice, swallowing, hearing and breathing.

We will continue to expand our research capabilities and stimulate new avenues for advancement in the delivery of clinical care and improved outcomes. We are affiliated with Monash University and our growing post-graduate research team is involved in various translational research topics, especially in the head and neck cancer, rhinology and laryngology areas. We welcome genuine expressions of interest from prospective PhD or Master of Philosophy students who are keen to join our research activities and pursue a higher degree.

Clinical Research Coordinator: Dr Debbie Phyland:
Phone 9928 8277
Email: Debra.Phyland@localhost/Joomla_2

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