Orthopaedic Surgery

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The Dandenong Unit currently has a high work load of Elective and Emergency patients.

The unit has 6 service registrars assisted by 3 junior residents, under the direction of Director of Orthopaedic Services Monash Health network, Mr. Ton Tran and 13 sessional consultant surgeons. The population in the South-eastern corridor is expected to increase with Casey and Dandenong set-up expected to the first high level trauma service. Centralisation of the provision of trauma services is part of our strategic plan.

South West Three

We now have a dedicated ward for orthopaedic patients making transport to and from the operating theatre more convenient and efficient, and allowing easier patient access to uniform nursing care reducing patient movement for physiotherapy and gym. We also have dedicated allied health workers within the ward.

Outpatient facilities

The outpatients facilities were commissioned recently and hence are very modern. They have up to 12 rooms incorporating (i) treatment facilities: and (ii) plaster rooms that are serviced by technicians and supported by nursing staff. Post-operative clinics allow a more stream lined review of more simple cases and at the same time free up time for the main. Elective clinics deal with more complex cases, we also have specialised fracture clinics.

Operating theatres

There are now eight operating theatres, two have laminar flow and a navigation suite. Twilight sessions are shared with the plastic unit on the basis that three days are dedicated to orthopaedics and two to plastic surgery, with a mixed list scheduled on Saturdays.

Operating Sessions

The accredited registrars work a busy weekday timetable. On average there are two and occasionally three list per day. Overall, there are 16 Operating sessions per week, and the registrars have access to all those cases in which they may be interested.


The majority of work in the hospital is supervised and the consultants make time in order to be available for the twilight lists.

Imaging facilities

The imaging facilities are very modern and encompass all modalities from plain x-rays to MRI scanning. Two image intensifiers are available in theatres and a computerised x-ray storage system has been implemented which has enabled the easy referral of x-rays to registrars. Remote access of images is also possible via email.

A mini C-arm was recently purchased to increase throughput and reduce radiographer cost.


The consultants are very eager to teach and set times are quarantined for these activities. These include tutorials prior to clinic, x-ray planning meeting, grand rounds where patients with difficult management problems can be discussed. Dedicated lecture sessions followed by a clinical bone school. Active journal club, update seminars, major audits and significant projects and facilities for clinical research.

The administration and consultants work closely and cohesively. The hospital is well supported by the Department of Health and Human Services, with funding initiatives for both capital and service requirements.

Unit Head: Mr Ton Tran FRACS

Contact: Administration 9554 8945
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