Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery

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The plastic and reconstructive surgical unit is headed by Associate Professor Michael Leung and is based at Dandenong Hospital where the majority of the major and acute plastic surgical activity occurs. This represents a very busy plastic trauma service which deals with all forms of trauma other than limb reattachments. The unit is also closely affiliated with the breast surgery service at Moorabbin and is involved in a wide spectrum of reconstructive procedures for women undergoing treatment for their breast disease.

The plastic surgical unit also has a significant presence at MMC Clayton for paediatric patients, especially with congenital deformities including the combined cleft lip and palate service with the dental unit, ENT, maxillofacial surgeons and the speech therapy service.

Surgical services include:

  • All hand and facial injuries
  • Management of skin tumours and lesions
  • Paediatric and congenital corrective procedures
  • Breast reconstructive procedures
  • Emergency assessment of traumatic presentations

Unit Head

Assoc Prof Michael Leung FRACS


Cheryle McCoy 9554 8862

Monash Health Surgeons:

  • Assoc Prof Michael Leung Dandenong
  • Mr Charles Baillieu Dandenong /Clayton
  • Mr John Beer Dandenong/Clayton
  • Mr Christopher Bennett MMC Clayton
  • Mr William Blake Dandenong
  • Ms Yvonne Chow Dandenong/Casey/Berwick
  • Mr Ajay Chauhan Dandenong
  • Mr John Crock Dandenong
  • Ms Sian Fairbank Clayton
  • Mr James Leong MMC Clayton/Dandenong
  • Mr Cheng Lo Dandenong/Casey
  • Mr Michael Lo Dandenong/Casey
  • Mr Mansoor Mirkazeni Dandenong/Moorabbin
  • Mr Adel Morsi MMC Clayton/Dandenong
  • Mr Simon Overstall Dandenong/Casey
  • Mr Anand Ramakrishnan Dandenong
  • Mr David Ross Clayton/Moorabbin
  • Mr Stephen Salerno Dandenong
  • Mr Terry Wu Dandenong
  • Mr David Ying Dandenong
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