Hepatology Basic Science Research

Hepatology – Basic Science Research
The Monash Gastroenterology Unit has a rich history of involvement in basic science research by partnering with researchers from Monash University and Hudson Institute of Medical Research. Through numerous collaborations with researchers from these institutions, our department has produced numerous publications and overseen the completion of high-quality PhDs and medical student research projects.


Our broad hepatology interests include: fibrosis in advanced liver disease, metabolic dysfunction associated fatty liver disease (MAFLD) – formally known as NAFLD, and cell-based therapies for advanced liver disease.


Our specific projects vary from year to year but recently we have been involved in the following:
  • Liver progenitor cells and their role in both cirrhotic and fatty livers.
  • Human amniotic epithelial cell and conditioned media therapy for cirrhosis, fatty liver and inflammatory bowel diseases.
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