Hepatology – Fibroscan

Fibroscan (also called liver scan or elastography) is a non invasive, painless test which is like an ultrasound. It allows the gastroenterologist performing the procedure to assess if there is any scarring or stiffness in your liver. Scarring of the liver (or fibrosis) can occur from multiple liver conditions, such as viral Hepatitis B or C, fatty liver disease, alcohol liver injury, primary biliary cirrhosis or autoimmune liver disease. Not only the degree of scarring can be measured, but also the amount of fatty infiltration (or steatosis). This test allows your doctor determine the existing degree of fibrosis, but also monitor disease progression or improvement.

A fibroscan requires a referral from your local doctor or specialist, fasting for 2 hours prior to the procedure and takes approximately 15 minutes. Results are immediate and will allow your doctor to tailor your ongoing treatment. Occasionally a result cannot be obtained and a liver biopsy may be required.