FAQs for General Practitioners

Hepatology – FAQs for General Practitioners

How do I make a referral to Monash Health hepatology service?

A referral addressed to the Director of Gastroenterology, A/Prof. Sally Bell can be sent to Monash Health in a number of ways.

For referral templates, information on eReferrals and contact details, please see the Monash Health GP referrals page.

Where do I find the referral from to refer my patient to the Monash Health hepatology service?

A referral template can be downloaded from the referral templates and guides page.

eReferral resources can be found here.

What sort of patients can I refer to the Monash Health hepatology service?

Patients with abnormal liver function test, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis D , fatty liver disease, hepatocellular carcinoma and benign liver lesions are some of the most common referrals we receive at the Monash Health hepatology service.

What information needs to be included in the referral to Monash Health hepatology service?

The more information you provide on your referral, especially your patient’s past medical history,  up to date medications and appropriate investigations, the easier it is to make an appropriate assessment of your patient at the initial consultation.

This avoids delays and unnecessary additional clinic appointments.

Guidelines on what information to include in a referral to the gastroenterology department can be found here.

What initial work up should my patient have had prior to their consultation?

Please review the guidelines for referral to determine what initial work-up is required for the various liver-related conditions you may be referring your patient for.

It is vital these are documented in your referral.

What if I need a patient to be seen urgently?

If your patient needs an urgent review please make this clear on the referral.

If you would like to discuss a complex or urgent referral contact the gastroenterology registrar via Monash switchboard on (03) 9594 6666.

I have made a referral to Monash Hepatology Clinic but my patient has not received an appointment. Who can I contact to ensure my referral was received?

You can call the General Enquires number on 1300 342 273

Why was my referral rejected?

If the mandatory referral content was not included in your referral, it may be rejected.

Please included the information required and re-refer your patient to our service.

What happens if my patient has failed to attend their clinic appointment?

If your patient has failed to attend one appointment, they will receive another appointment at a time frame decided by one of our doctors.

If your patient fails to attend two appointments in a row, they may be discharged from the clinic and will need to be referred back to us.

A letter will be sent to notify you if this occurs.

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