Nutrition and dietetics

The Nutrition and Dietetic Service at Monash Health provides a high-quality patient focused service.

Dietitians provide evidence-based care and are available to consult on all aspects of adult nutrition, including nutrition screening, assessment of nutritional needs, recommendations for nutritional management, implementation of therapeutic diets and discharge education and planning.

Dietitians have specialised knowledge of nutrition and health throughout all stages of life, including pregnancy and lactation, paediatrics, rehabilitation and aged care.

Services Offered


Dietitians provide nutrition and dietetic services across all clinical areas in the acute setting to optimise nutritional status and aid recovery.

Specialist areas include:

  • Intensive care
  • Cardiology
  • Upper gastrointestinal and colorectal surgery
  • Head and neck surgery
  • Respiratory
  • Neurology
  • Nephrology
  • Oncology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Endocrinology


Dietitians work in rehabilitation, geriatric evaluation and management, aged mental health, palliative care, and residential services.

Diet is a key factor in helping patients maintain function or return to their previous level of function. Key areas of nutritional input include management of malnutrition, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, chronic renal failure, wound healing and diabetes.

Other Services:

Nutrition and Dietetics works closely with Food Services to ensure the provision of quality, nutritious meals to meet the nutritional, religious and cultural requirements of our patients.

Teaching and training of Nutrition and Dietetics health professionals, allied health assistants and students.

Home enteral nutrition service for patients living in the community reliant on a feeding tube to meet their nutritional needs.

Outpatient Services

Nutrition and Dietetics provides outpatient services to adults, requiring nutrition counselling and dietary management for a variety of clinical conditions.

The Dietitian works within interdisciplinary clinics including medical and nursing, as well as Dietitian specific clinics, to service specialist outpatient clinics covering conditions such as diabetes, gestational diabetes, mental health, oncology, Parkinson’s disease, incontinence, pain, renal impairment requiring peritoneal dialysis, haemodialysis, and long term enteral nutrition support.

The outpatient clinics are provided at various Monash Health sites, and Monash Health patients are generally eligible for these clinics. Dietetic consultations require a medical/nursing/allied health referral. Referrals can also be made to dietitians in community health, community rehabilitation and to dietitians who provide services in the home as appropriate. Written referrals should indicate that it is valid for an indefinite period. Most clinics serviced by Nutrition and Dietetics are Medicare eligible.

Referrals to nutrition and dietetic led outpatient clinics

Nutrition and Dietetics run a number of dietetic led outpatient clinics for the management of complex nutrition issues. 

Referrals are accepted from the following services across Monash Health:

  • Medical [GP referrals will not be accepted]
  • Nursing [Clinical Nurse Consultants]
  • Allied Health [e.g. Speech Pathology, Physiotherapy, Social Workers]

General Dietetics – Monash Medical Centre (Adult Patients)

  • Feeding difficulties related to patient with a tracheostomy
  • New diagnosis oncology [high risk e.g. UGI, head and neck, lung]
  • Patients at risk of admission due to nutrition related issues e.g. nutrition impact symptoms related to cancer treatment or chronic disease [and patient not due to attend within a week a dietetic serviced OP clinic/chemotherapy day unit/clinical trials]
  • Chronic malabsorption
  • Texture modified [aspiration risk] requiring nutrition supplementation
  • End stage renal failure, GFR < 15
  • Complex Crohns disease
  • Acute Hyperemesis and weight loss >5%
  • High output stoma [problematic high output ileostomy/colostomy]
  • Chronic liver disease

Home Enteral Nutrition (HEN) – Monash Medical Centre (Adult HEN), Dandenong Hospital (Adult and Paediatric HEN) and Monash Children’s Hospital (Paediatric HEN)

  • HEN – ongoing assessment and review
  • Patient requiring assessment for feeding tube replacement or removal
  • Transfer of adult HEN patient from another health service

Maternity and Paediatrics (Casey Hospital)

  • Acute Hyperemesis and weight loss >5%
  • Interim feeding clinic (joint clinic with speech pathologist) for nasogastric tube weaning and oral aversion
  • Failure to thrive (pre-term – 12 months) prior to long term community dietetic follow-up

For the following conditions, we recommend referral to your local Community Health Service:

  • Weight management (adult) including morbid obesity
  • General maternity
  • Diabetes Type 1 or Type 2 OR Impaired Glucose Intolerance
  • Multiple/complex food allergies and/or multiple/complex food intolerances
  • Healthy eating, healthy heart [dyslipidaemia] or general nutrition advice e.g. constipation, impaired renal function
  • Vegetarian or vegan diets
  • Clients requiring in reach nutrition assessment and management

For Paediatric nutrition referrals, please refer to Monash Children’s Hospital Dietetic Clinics referral criteria.

What to bring

Every time you come:

  • Medicare card

For a clinic appointment:

  • Your appointment letter
  • Any special items listed on your letter

Key contacts

Mary Anne Silvers

Head of Nutrition & Dietetics

(03) 9928 8263

Alison Stewart

Manager, Kingston Centre

(03) 9265 1823

Raisa Shaikh

Manager, Dandenong & Casey Hospital

(03) 9554 8358

Sheree Phillips

Manager, Monash Medical Centre, Clayton & Moorabbin

(03) 9594 4180