Human Research Ethics Applications and Site Authorisation

Prior to commencing a Research Project, researchers require ethics and governance approval. A Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) provides ethics approval, whilst an institution provides Site Specific Authorisation for a study to be conducted at a particular site.

The Monash Health HREC are able to provide HREC Review for other institutions, however, Site Specific Authorisation to conduct the study at a site must still be obtained from each institution prior to the study commencing.

If a researcher already has obtained HREC Review from an Institution which is NHMRC Certified for multi-centre review for that category of research, Monash Health will not duplicate HREC Review and will require an application for Site-Specific Authorisation Only.

In the event, that the study requires review by the Monash Health HREC and Site-Specific Authorisation at Monash Health, researchers are asked to submit both an HREC application and an application for Site-Specific Authorisation.  It is requested that the application be submitted simultaneously, to allow concurrent review.