Monash Health encourages sponsors and stakeholders to inform Research Support Services as early as site selection so that our team may engage with the researchers for early action items such as supporting department requirements, review of legal agreements and insurance etc. In addition, parallel HREC and Site Authorisation review is preferred.

Research Agreements

The Monash Health Research Agreements Procedure provide guidance on which agreement to use in which circumstance and the pathway to follow for seeking review and approval.

The preferred templates for collaborative or investigator initiated studies or other circumstances are available in our Forms Library.

For all agreements and indemnities, Monash Health is listed as ‘Monash Health (ABN 82 142 080 338), 246 Clayton Road, Clayton, Victoria, 3168.’

If a researcher would like to request prior review of an agreement, this may be emailed to In the email, it must advise of the Monash Health Local Reference number and Study Title. If the study has not been submitted for Human Research Ethics Review or Site Authorisation, then please state this in the email.

Commercially Sponsored Studies

Monash Health has partnered with Monash University to act as its funds administrator for all commercially sponsored studies except Phase 4 Clinical Trials.

The modified Tripartite Medicine’s Australia agreement templates are for use with commercially sponsored drug trials and the Medical Technology Association of Australia (MTAA) agreement templates are for commercially sponsored device trials.

The Standard Medicines Australia or MTAA templates are to be used for Phase 4 Clinical Trials.

For Standard Indemnities or HREC Indemnities, the Medicine’s Australia and the MTAA indemnity templates are to be used.

To access our Agreement and Indemnity templates, please visit our Resource Library.

Collaborative Studies involving Monash University

The Monash Partners Collaboration Agreement template is the preferred agreement. Draft agreements should be emailed to for initial review. Once reviewed by Monash Health, review by Monash University will be arranged through the School of Clinical Sciences.

Key Contacts in Supporting Departments

Our supporting departments are committed to facilitating the early action of governance items and would welcome sponsors contacting them directly to discuss specific governance requirements.

Pathology – Mr Michael Daskalakis, Research & Clinical Trials Manager.

Pharmacy – Ms Anish Philip, Clinical Trials Pharmacist
Ph (03) 9594 2277

Diagnostic Imaging – Ms Sandy Gray, Network Administration Officer – Research Liaison Officer
Ph (03) 9594 4826 / Ph (03) 9554 8411

For further queries, please contact our team via the details below

Mr Michael Kios, Research Governance Manager
Telephone: 03 9594 4606

Ms Khushboo Khatri, Project Officer, National Clinical Trials Governance Framework
Telephone: 03 9594 6701