Progress and Final Reports

Once a research project has been given ethics approval by Monash Health Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) and/or Site-Specific Authorisation (SSA) by Monash Health Research Governance Office (RGO), the Principal Investigator or delegate must:

  1. Submit an annual progress report by 30 April each year after initial approval until project completion
  2. Complete a Project Final Report on the Ethical Review Manager (ERM) system at the completion of the research project
  3. Report all safety events in accordance with the NHMRC (2016) Guidance on ‘Safety monitoring and reporting in clinical trials involving therapeutic goods’.

Principal Investigators are also encouraged to complete the Self-Audit for Researchers tool and submit annually with the progress report.

Submission of annual progress reports

All annual progress reports must be completed and submitted in the Ethical Review Manager (ERM) system* and submitted via email to

The type of report required depends on the type of approval the research project has which is summarised in the following table.

*In the event of a legacy study that is not on ERM, the research team may submit the progress report using one of the proforma templates (available upon request) to

Overdue annual progress reports

If an annual progress report for a research project has not been received by 30 April, the Research Support Services team will send one reminder email to the Principal Investigator requesting that the report be submitted no later than 30 June.

If the report has still not been received by 30 June, the Principal Investigator will be advised in January of the following year to submit a Project Progress Report that covers the preceding 2 years by 30 April.

If a report covering the 2-year period is not received by 30 April, the research project will be suspended without further reminder.