Potential research opportunities for junior clinical staff

A database of current Monash Health research projects and contacts for junior doctors looking for research opportunities.

Current research opportunities and contacts

Adult Emergency Care

All aspects of emergency medicine and acute care. The Monash Emergency Research Collaborative (MERC) is a multi-disciplinary collaborative network consisting of both clinical and research focused staff in emergency care. We focus on undertaking translational research that provides outcomes aimed at driving the implementation of best practise emergency care. Our research projects are multidisciplinary, consumer focused and are wide-ranging and include clinical research in emergency medicine and toxicology. Our clinical research focuses on pragmatic patient-centric research that is aimed at driving innovation and change.

MERC is affiliated with Monash Health and Monash University (Department of Medicine within the School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health and the School of Nursing and Midwifery) and collaborates with a broad range of organisations and services.

Professor Diana Egerton-Warburton and Associate Professor Lisa Kuhn: MERC@monashhealth.org


The Allergy/Immunology unit is primarily focussed on clinical research. Our focuses surround medication allergies, vaccine allergies and venom allergies. We also have a strong focus on management of anaphylaxis.

Dr Sara Barnes: sara.barnes@monashhealth.org

Cancer Research in the School of Public Health & Preventative Medicine

The Cancer Research Program at Monash University, led by Prof John Zalcberg is primarily focused on the use of clinical quality registries as a tool for improving health care and patient outcomes. Within these registries, population-based data on diagnosis, treatment and outcomes are collected and analysed with the objective to understand the extent of variation in care, the impact of this variation and to identify areas for improvement. There are a number of operational registries within the Cancer Research Program, providing ample opportunity for research studies using real-world patient data on patients with cancers of the reproductive organs, the upper gastrointestinal tract, the thyroid and lung amongst others.

Natalie Heriot: natalie.heriot@monash.edu | ngor@monash.edu

Cardiovascular Disease Program

Our team is trying to find a way to avoid post-operative acute kidney injury in patients who have open heart surgery. We are testing a new way to detect a patient’s risk of acute kidney injury during their operation, by continuously measuring the oxygen content of their urine. We are also testing whether increasing the flow of blood through the heart lung machine during cardiopulmonary bypass can reduce the risk of acute kidney injury.

Professor Roger Evans: roger.evans@monash.edu

Cardiothoracic Surgery

The Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery offers an opportunity for select clinical projects, audits, systematic reviews and meta analyses, individual case reviews and ANZSCTS Database projects in adult cardiac and thoracic surgery.

Professor Julian A. Smith: Julian.Smith@monash.edu

Centre for Quality and Patient Safety Research

The Centre for Quality and Patient Safety Research at Monash Health is a partnership between Deakin University and Monash Health, established in May 2006. The Centre is located at Monash Medical Centre in Clayton, Victoria. Researchers within the Centre conduct research across all sites and services at Monash Health.

The goals of our Centre are to:

  • lead high quality research in the areas of quality and patient safety with the aim of enhancing the independence and wellbeing of individuals in clinical and aged care settings.
  • provide high quality research training and support in order to build capability among the nursing workforce at Monash Health.
  • build capacity for quality and patient safety research at Monash Health.
  • promote the translation of research findings into educational programs, health care policy and clinical practice.
  • develop and support research collaboration between Monash Health, Deakin University and other industry partners.

Our research

In promoting the nexus between research, education and practice, the themes of knowledge translation, person-centred care, decision making, and patient safety and risk management underpin the research conducted by the centre. The figure below illustrates the key themes of our research.

Diagram showing the key research themes at the Centre for Quality and Patient Safety Research

Prof Alison Hutchinson: alison.hutchinson@deakin.edu.au

Critical Care and Surgical Physiotherapy Program

The Critical Care and Surgical Physiotherapy Stream complete research looking at the effect of physiotherapy, exercise and rehabilitation interventions provided to patients exposed to critical care and / or surgical services on outcomes (short and / or long-term).

Ms Michelle Paton: michelle.paton@monashhealth.org

Endocrine Hypertension Group

The Endocrine Hypertension Group conducts research to optimise the timely detection of primary aldosteronism, a common but under-diagnosed form of hypertension that confers a higher cardiovascular risk than essential hypertension. Together with national and international collaborators, our goal is to ensure that every affected patient is diagnosed using the most time- and cost-effective algorithms and treated with the most effective targeted medication or cured with surgery.

Dr Jun Yang: jun.yang@hudson.org.au


The Endoscopy Research Unit is involved in clinical research as both a lead and participating site and has formed collaborations on national and international level. The Monash Health Endoscopy Research Unit main research objectives are to improve current diagnostic standards and treatment strategies of both malignant and non-malignant GI diseases, provide better patient outcomes, and enhance training opportunities for early career researchers and doctors.

Ms Kathryn Goss: Kathryn.Goss@monashhealth.org
Dr Michael Swan: Michael.Swan@monashhealth.org


Monash Gastroenterology supports active participation in research by junior medical staff. We have ongoing research projects in the areas of decompensated liver disease (Supervisor Dr Suong Le), GI bleeding (supervisor Dr Marcus Robertson), inflammatory bowel disease (supervisor Dr Greg Moore), as well as the opportunity to assist the gastroenterology advanced trainees with their more substantial research projects including audits in the areas of hepatocellular carcinoma, cirrhosis, acute severe ulcerative colitis, GI bleeding and pancreatitis.

Enquiries regarding research opportunities can be directed to the unit head, A/Prof Sally Bell sally.bell@monashhealth.org or to any of the supervisors directly.

Geriatrics & Subacute Care

There are opportunities to work in research projects which focus on improving care of older people. Most projects are based at the Kingston Centre or subacute wards at Casey.

Dr Rosa Gualano, Monash Ageing Research Centre Manager: rosa.gualano@monashhealth.org


Monash Haematology is an internationally-renowned unit encompassing all areas of clinical and laboratory practice including disorders of thrombosis and haemostasis, transfusion medicine, haemoglobinopathies / thalassaemias and malignant haematological conditions including leukaemias, myeloproliferative disorders, plasma cell disorders / myeloma and lymphomas. JMOs are encouraged to become involved in clinical and laboratory audits of local and registry data. The unit also has a sizable clinical and translational research capability in the Monash Health Translation Precinct.

Dr Michael Low, Director of Clinical Training, Monash Doctors Education: Michael.Low@monashhealth.org

Dr Gareth Gregory, Clinical Lead for Haematology Clinical Research Unit: Gareth.Gregory@monashhealth.org

Hand Surgery

Members of the Hand Surgery Unit at Dandenong Hospital Department of Orthopaedic Surgery would be open to accepting junior doctors of appropriate interest and ability to undertake research with the unit. Details of our activities can be obtained from: https://www.melbournehandfellowship.com

Dr Stephen Tham: stham@bigpond.net.au

Huntington’s Disease

Monash University’s Prof. Julie Stout leads a consortium of Melbourne based Huntington’s disease (HD) researchers aiming to bring new treatments to Australian patients with HD. Several industry- and academically-sponsored clinical trials in HD are now occurring across Australia. Prof. Stout also currently leads The Huntington’s Disease Network of Australia (HDNA), a network of clinicians, researchers, and people affected by HD, working together toward the best quality of life for people affected by HD. Prof. Stout’s research lab specialises in developing cognitive and other clinical outcome measures for HD clinical trials, and investigates cognition, and its interactions with sleep, apathy, depression, and gut health in HD.

Professor Stout: Julie.stout@monash.edu

Infections and Immunisation in Pregnancy

Our team led by Associate Professor Giles has a number of research projects that focus on infections in pregnancy and maternal immunisation. These projects have a clinical focus and aim to improve health outcomes for women and their babies. The areas of interest include Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, influenza and pertussis vaccination, antibiotic use during pregnancy and vaccination in immunosuppressed pregnant women.

Michelle Giles: michelle.giles@monash.edu

Intensive Care Unit

I am Wisam one of the ICU consultants and my research interests are ventilation strategy and haemodynamic support in ICU. Also, I would like to study practices in ICU over the years using data from Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society (ANZICS). Happy to guide young doctors to find their path in research.

Wisam Albassam: Wisam.albassam@gmail.com

Mental Health

We are interested in understanding the causes and molecular bases underlying the major mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depression and autism. We use a bench-to-bedside translational approach incorporating genomic, molecular, cellular, animal and clinical studies with the intention of ultimately creating a precision psychiatry through biomarker and novel treatment developments. Multiple opportunities exist for interested doctors in both lab based and clinical settings as well as undertaking systematic reviews of cutting edge issues in the field.

Professor Suresh Sundram: suresh.sundram@monash.edu

Monash Heart

MonashHeart and its research group Monash Cardiovascular Research Centre (MCRC) undertake internationally leading translational cardiology research firmly based on clinical excellence in the provision of the largest tertiary cardiology service in Victoria.

In particular our researchers lead work in early phase medical technology studies (interventional, structural and rhythm management), large multi-site international pharmaceutical trials, ongoing atherobiology and risk prediction studies, in-vivo in-human cardiac physiology and pathophysiology and central haemodynamics, finite element and computational fluid mechanical analysis applied to vascular mechanics and blood flow, and advanced cardiac imaging.

MCRC supports physician and scientist researchers in PhD and MD programs and is home to a number of competitively funded national scholarship and Fellowship holders. We have significant research collaborations with leading sites in other states and internationally in the USA, UK and Europe.

Dr Adam Brown: Adam.Brown@monash.edu

Neural Systems and Behaviour Lab

We conduct neuroimaging research in healthy and psychiatric populations. Focusing primarily on Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), we are interested in developing methods for mapping and modelling brain connectivity, understanding how brain network organization relates to individual differences in behaviour and how it is disrupted by mental illness, and characterizing genetic influences on neural organization.

Professor Alex Forinto: alex.fornito@monash.edu


To find out about Monash Neurology research visit:

Professor Thanh Phan: thanh.phan@monash.edu

Newborn Services

Dr Atul Malhotra’s group focuses on neonatal research especially in neurology and respiratory medicine. This includes both preclinical and clinical research, with opportunities to be involved in laboratory work, clinical trials, formal research training or pursue a higher degree. Special interests include stem cell research, digital technologies and global health. Our mission is to improve health outcomes for babies in Australia and globally.

Dr Atul Malhotra: atul.malhotra@monash.edu 

Follow Atul’s research on Twitter @Atul_Monash

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

The team of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery surgeons at Monash Health are a group of motivated researchers whose projects are as diverse as they are. The team’s unifying primary focus is endeavoring to improve aspects of health care delivery for Plastic & Reconstructive patients. Their research includes QA projects, low risk and full Ethics submission projects across a spectrum of topics including surgery, long term outcomes and retrospective data review.

Mr Cheng Lo: Cheng.Lo@monash.edu

Ms Meagan Predl Gregory: Meagan.Predlgregory@monashhealth.org

Paediatric Emergency Medicine

All aspects of paediatric emergency medicine and acute care. Projects range from retrospective and prospective observational studies, systematic (Cochrane) reviews, and randomised clinical trials.

Dr Simon Craig: simon.craig@monash.edu

Paediatric Gastroenterology

My main research interest is in host-microbiome interaction, particularly relating to paediatric inflammatory bowel disease. I supervise PhD and honours students in laboratory research in world-leading facilities in microbiome and immunology research. We are recruiting post-graduate students for combination of laboratory and/or clinical projects.

Dr Edward Giles: Edward.Giles@monashhealth.org

Paediatric Immunology

To find out about Paediatric Immunology research visit:

Monash University Researcher Profile: Professor Marcel Nold

Hudson Institute of Medical Research: Professor Marcel Nold

Professor Marcel Nold: marcel.nold@monash.edu

Paediatric Haematology-oncology & Children’s Cancer Centre

There are a number of clinical trials underway, along with clinical research and laboratory research.

There are currently 12 clinical trials open for recruitment. Head of Clinical Trials; contact Dr Paul Wood: paul.wood@monashhealth.org

There is research underway on a wide range of issues including: quality of life, informed consent and the impact of COVID-19 on children with cancer and many other important topics.

Contact Dr Peter Downie: peter.downie@monashhealth.org

There is also substantial laboratory research underway:

Palliative Care

Monash Health’s palliative care service provides an integrated system of care focusing on individualized, person-centered care, at the right time, in the most suitable setting. It is compassionate and maximizes patient outcomes and caregiver experience.

The palliative care team is passionate about research and evidence based practice and believes that there is a tremendous opportunity for embedded clinical research.

Current projects span various methodologies and settings. From the evaluation of novel, community-based models of care (including the Supportive Chronic Conditions Clinic and the Palliative Care Rapid Response Service) to the exploration of an innovative opioid titration methodology, multicentre and multifaceted analysis of ketamine on mucositis pain and involvement in an Australia-wide study on the effect of palliative care on survival, there is great scope in palliative care research opportunities.

Ms Jade Hudson: jade.hudson@monashhealth.org

Respiratory and Sleep Medicine

We are one of Australia’s leading sleep apnoea research groups and work very closely with the Department of Physiology at Monash University. Our research interests are broad with a strong focus on novel techniques for the diagnosis and management of obstructive sleep apnoea. In particular, there is a focus on how the measurement and understanding of OSA pathophysiology can be used to personalise the treatment of OSA and help guide existing and novel treatments for patients who don’t tolerate CPAP.

A/Prof Garun Hamilton: garun.hamilton@monashhealth.org


Monash University of Surgery’s Research Webpage


Women’s Health

As part of our Women’s Health Research, Monash Health conducts a number research studies in pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence.

Adj A/Prof Anna Rosamilia: annarosamilia@urogyn.com.au

Supervisor Connect

Another Great Resource for more information on Research can be found at Supervisor Connect. Many Monash Health Clinician Researchers have profiles on Supervisor Connect with Monash University.

Supervisor Connect

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