External Researcher Requests for Health Information

The Release of Information (ROI) Unit is a centralised unit operating from Monash Health and processes all external research requests for all Monash Health sites.

External research is considered research that has been approved, and is conducted outside of Monash Health.  The ROI Unit requires a copy of the following documents to be provided for each patient request prior to processing.

  • Completed External Research Request Form (Below)
  • Approval from a Human Research Ethics Committee: and
  • Site Specific Authorisation from the site where the participant is enrolled in the study: and
  • The signed Participant Information and Consent Form from the participant, for their health information held by another health service to be accessed for the purpose if the research study.

Charges are applied to requests (per patient) for commercially sponsored, collaborative group and investigator driven studies.

All requests for external research should be forwarded to the ROI Unit via email to health.info@monashhealth.org or via fax on 03 9594 6227.