Maryza Graham

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Maryza Graham
tel                 +61 3 9594 3769

MBBS (U Melb) FRACP FRCPA Grad Cert Clin Trials (Monash)

Infectious Diseases physician
Medical Microbiologist

Professional Roles
2010-           Member, Microbiology Discipline Advisory Committee, RCPA
2011-           Member, Laboratory Liaison Committee, Department of Health, Victoria
2012-           Member, Tuberculosis Advisory Committee, Department of Health, Victoria


Underdiagnosis of Chlamydia trachomatis and Chlamydia psittaci revealed by introduction of respiratory multiplex PCR assay with Chlamydiaceae family primers.
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Improved standardization and potential for shortened time to results with BD KiestraTM total laboratory automation of early urine cultures: a prospective comparison with manual processing.
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Low rates of cutaneous adverse reactions to alcohol-based hand hygiene solution during prolonged use in a large teaching hospital.

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