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Allen Cheng

Deputy Director
Director, HIV Service
Ian Woolley

Director, Microbiology
Tony Korman

Service Directors

Medical Director, Infection Prevention and Epidemiology
Rhonda Stuart

Director, Infection and Immunity
Claire Dendle

Antimicrobial Stewardship
Kylie Horne

Director, Mycobacterial Infections
Grant Jenkin

Director, Travel Medicine
Alex Padiglione

Director, Infections in Pregnancy
Deputy Director, HIV Service
Michelle Giles

Ben Rogers

Monash Infectious Diseases Physicians

Infectious Diseases Physician/Microbiologists

Sexual Health Physician

Vinita Rane

Monash Infectious Diseases Registrars 2023

  • Shivani Bhatt
  • Fiona Clarke
  • Yael Hammerschlag
  • Nalian Ibrahim
  • Manogna Metlapalli
  • Nilanthy Vigneswaran
  • Mihiri Weerasuria (Fellow)

Vaidy Swaminathan

Peter Gaitanis

Executive Assistant/Manager
Whitney Perera

Administrative Assistant
Korrina Alonso

Scientist/Database Managers

Clinical Nurse Consultants

Research Coordinators

  • Sandra Davis
  • Jess O’Bryan
  • Debbie Radi