Claire Dendle

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Claire Dendle

MBBS (Monash) FRACP GradCertHlthProfEd (Monash)

Infectious Diseases Physician
General Physician, Monash Medical Centre
Clinical Site Director, Monash Medical Centre, School of Clinical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Monash University


Natural Killer cell function predicts severe infection in kidney transplant recipients.
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International Travel in the Immunocompromised Patient A cross-sectional survey of travel advice in 254 consecutive patients.International Travel in the Immunocompromised Patient A cross-sectional survey of travel advice in 254 consecutive patients.
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Improving patient safety by doing less rather than more: many peripheral intravenous catheters are unnecessary.
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Think before you insert an intravenous catheter.
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Why is it so hard for doctors to speak up when they see an error occurring?
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