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Learn how to make radiology referrals at Monash Health.

Leaders in medical imaging

Performing over 350,000 examinations per year, Monash Health Imaging is one of the largest Imaging departments in Australia and is the largest in Victoria.

Monash Health Imaging is the imaging department within Monash Health public hospitals and welcomes any medical imaging referral from your practice. Monash Health Imaging offers a full range of medical imaging, interventional and therapeutic radiology and nuclear medicine

  • CT
  • MRI
  • Nuclear medicine including radionuclide therapy
  • PET
  • Mammography
  • Ultrasound
  • X-Ray
  • Fluoroscopy
  • Angiography
  • Dexa bone mineral density
  • Dental and OPG
  • Image-guided intervention
  • Lithotripsy

As an academic leader, we conduct evidence-based and researched clinical imaging. We strictly adhere to the ALARA principal to ensure the doses are “as low (dose) as reasonably achievable”. We regularly and voluntarily submit our CT dose readings to ARPANSA, and they are consistently and significantly lower than the national average.

Monash Health Imaging quality and safety is overseen by our consultant radiologists and nuclear medicine specialists, many with niche expertise who have completed further training as specialist or sub-specialist radiologists. Their input into each referral ensures your patients receive the most appropriate and safe imaging experience as well as receiving a comprehensive and timely imaging report.

High-quality images and reports can be viewed online through Monash Health Imaging’s Vue Motion.

PET imaging

Monash Health Imaging PET services at Moorabbin Hospital are led by Head of Nuclear Medicine and PET, Dr Shakher Ramdave and charge Technologist Jason Bradley. The service offers high quality, specialised reporting and examinations with an evidence-based approach.

Our highly esteemed and world-renowned, comprehensive PET service has two state of the art PET/CT scanners. Our current waiting list is minimal and our fees for non-Medicare funded examinations are kept as fair as possible.

Facilities include state of the art equipment:

  • Biograph mCT flow 20 Slice PET-CT
  • Biograph True-Point 16 Slice PET_CT
  • SPECT/CT 2 Slice Gamma Camera
  • Well-appointed Hot Lab and radiopharmacy laboratory facilities

Types of PET scans:

  • 18F-FDG The most common PET scan performed uses 18F-FDG (a glucose/sugar analogue) to map glucose metabolism
  • 18F-FET A brain imaging agent that looks at amino acid transport and protein synthesis
  • 68Ga-PSMA (Prostate Imaging Tracer). This tracer accumulates on the Prostate Specific Membrane Antigen which is overexpressed with prostate cancer cells
  • 68Ga-DOTA (Neuroendocrine/Carcinoid Imaging Tracer). This tracer identifies areas of increased somatostatin receptors within the body, such as Neuroendocrine and Carcinoid tumours
  • 18F-NaF (Bone Scan) This tracer is a bone imaging agent


We can manage your patient’s referral in many ways. You or your patient are welcome to email, fax, phone or present in person, their referral to make an appointment for all imaging requests. See locations, services and opening hours for contact details.

However, for MRI, Nuclear Medicine/PET and Interventional examinations, including angiography, we request you email or fax your request, to enable prompt scheduling of appointments.

If you are writing a referral that requires a specific examination date, please be sure to insert the date on the referral under ‘Preferred date for Imaging’.

If you prefer to use our comprehensive image referral form, download a PDF of the appropriate Monash Health Imaging referral request form(s) here:

Alternatively, please contact our Monash Health Imaging Client Relationship Manager to order more referral forms: phone 0466 366 447 or email

Bulk billing and fees

Monash Health Imaging maintains eligibility for Medicare funding by adhering to strict Government quality and safety accreditation standards.  This means Monash Health Imaging can bulk bill most Medicare eligible patients and examinations.

However, Medicare does not cover certain imaging examinations.

For examinations not covered or partially covered, and for non-Medicare patients, there are out of pocket expenses. We strive to keep our patient fees as fair as possible.

MRI referrals

There are some licencing conditions imposed by Medicare for MRI referrals.  Medicare does not cover some MRI examinations at all.  For magnets with a partial or full MRI licence, the following GP referred MRI examinations can be bulk billed.

NOTE: To ensure your patient is bulk-billed for MRI in these categories, the clinical details on your request for imaging must be explicit to the conditions listed.

Bulk billed MRI GP referrals for patients 16 years or older

MR Head
  • Unexplained seizure
  • Chronic headache with suspected intracranial-pathology
MR Spine
  • Cervical spine radiculopathy
  • Cervical spine trauma
MR Knee 16-49 yrs following acute knee trauma with
  • Inability to extend the knee suggesting possibility of acute meniscal tear
  • Clinical finding suggesting acute anterior cruciate ligament tear

GPs will be limited to requesting no more than 3 Medicare rebateable knee MRIs per patient per annum for these patients. GPs can no longer refer patients 50yrs and over for Medicare rebateable knee MRIs.

Bulk billed MRI GP referrals for patients under 16 years

MR Head
  • Unexplained seizures
  • Unexplained headache where significant pathology is suspected
  • Paranasal sinus pathology which has not responded to conservative treatment
MR Spine following radiographic examination for
  • Significant trauma
  • Unexplained neck or back pain with associated neurological signs
  • Unexplained back pain where significant pathology is suspected
MR Knee (X-Ray no longer required prior to MRI knee)
  • internal joint derangement
MR Hip following radiographic examination for
  • Suspected septic arthritis
  • Suspected slipped femoral epiphysis
  • Suspected Perthes disease
MR Elbow following radiographic examination where
  • significant fracture or avulsion injury is suspected that will change management
MR Wrist following radiographic examination where
  • Scaphoid fracture is suspected

Referrer support

For access to images and reports, visit online access to images for health professionals.

For specialist consultation regarding Nuclear Medicine or PET referrals, please call
Nuclear Medicine on (03) 9594 2691 or PET on (03) 9928 8895.

For consultation regarding other examinations or to discuss an urgent referral, please call your preferred site. Please inform the clerical staff member of your enquiry, they will assist you as appropriate. See Locations, services and opening hours for contact details.

Monash Health Imaging Client Relationship Manager is happy to assist you with:

  • assistance with receiving imaging reports
  • access to online images and reports (PACS)
  • your feedback on our imaging services
  • supply of referral pads

Please contact the Monash Health Imaging Client Relationship Manager on 0466 366 447 or email

Technical Support

For technical issues or support regarding Monash Health Imaging Vue Motion (PACS – online images and reports portal) please call the Monash Health Imaging Information Systems helpdesk on (03) 9594 3940 or email

For technical issues or support with regard to receiving secure HL7 electronic report downloads please contact Health Link Support on1800 125 036 or email


Currently, there are no Monash Health Imaging seminars or events.

Should you have feedback or suggestions for educational topics you would like Monash Health Imaging to present, please email your suggestions and feedback to our Monash Health Imaging Client Relationship Manager:

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