Research Toolkit

Research Toolkit

The Research Toolkit provides resources and guidance to emerging and established researchers conducting research at Monash Health.

The Toolkit offers online research guidance, from literature searching to survey tools and research data management (RDM). It also covers researcher tools such as altmetrics, social media and researcher profiles; complying with medical ethics, law and copyright; and publishing resources for open access, open data and avoiding predatory journals.

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Designing & Planning

Find resources and information to help you design and plan for your research, including an introduction to evidence-based practice and literature searching, writing proposals, research data management, and ethics and compliance.

Publishing & Sharing

If you are aiming to publish your research, see our resources on writing for publication, referencing, predatory journals, and the peer review process. Information on sharing your research includes guidance on preservation and retention, persistent identifiers, open access and open data, copyright, and the Monash Health Research Repository.

Library Support

In addition to the Research Toolkit, Monash Health Library provides a number of services to assist you with your research. Check the Levels of Research Support document to see which support is best for you then click on the links below to access the service.

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Conducting Research

Get in-depth guidance on topics such as undertaking a systematic literature search, consent forms for participants, and storing data securely.

Promotion & Impact

Access a variety of resources to help ensure that your research is read, including guidance on setting up ORCID and researcher profiles, interpreting altmetrics, using visualisation tools, and utilising social media to increase your reach.