Research Repository

Monash Health Research Repository

The Monash Health Research Repository (MHRR) provides access to publications by Monash Health employees, promoting hospital-based researchers. The MHRR collects a wide range of research outputs, including journal articles, books and book chapters, conference abstracts and posters, theses and dissertations. It is publicly accessible for a global audience. 

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Create your MHRR Researcher Profile

MHRR Researcher Profiles contain key professional details, as well as information about research interests and current projects. Creating a profile will help you connect with other researchers and potential collaborators.  

Fill out this online form to submit your profile. 

Note: You may already have a skeleton profile on the MHRR. Search for your surname here to check. If your profile already exists, you were identified as a Monash Health researcher during the MHRR’s implementation. We still encourage you to fill out the form above to add more information to your profile. 

To make a change to your Researcher Profile, contact the Library team.

Submit your research to the MHRR

All Monash Health employees are encouraged to submit a record of their research to the MHRR to assist with accurately tracking and reporting on research output. Submitting your work to the MHRR will also satisfy NHMRC and ARC funding requirements for a record of peer-reviewed papers to be made openly accessible within 3 months of publication.  

Fill out this online form to submit a record of your research.  

Note: With over 17,000 items currently in the MHRR – and more being added regularly by the Library team – your papers may already be in the MHRR. To check, search for your own name, or for the title or DOI of your publication(s).  

Advanced Search Tips

View our guide to advanced searching in the MHRR. 

To search for a specific publication using its DOI, add “doi: “ to the MHRR search bar followed by the DOI number, e.g. doi: 10.1177/0004867420976847 

Accessing full text via the MHRR

The MHRR contains records of research produced by Monash Health employees. For some MHRR items, you can access the full text via the Library’s journal subscriptions, book collection, and/or open access publishers. When viewing an item in the MHRR, click on the DOI link to check if we have full text access. If you are unable to view the full text using that link, then we do not currently have access to it.

Monash Health employees can request an item from outside of our collection using this form. After adding your contact details at the top of the form, you can skip to the bottom. Under “Any further instructions or comments?”, paste in the URL for the required MHRR item. You can copy the item’s URL from the address bar in your browser or find it in red text at the top of the item page (see below).

You can copy the item’s URL from the address bar in your browser or find it in red text at the top of the item page

The MHRR website is currently in its beta version. For more information or to provide feedback, contact the Library team via