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Resources for Monash Health Employees using telehealth.

Important information – COVID-19

Please read this prescribing advice from the Department of Health.

When emailing a digital image of a printed prescription to a pharmacy (Monash Health Pharmacy or a community pharmacy) use your Monash Health email address. The legislation (Public Health Emergency Order #4) that allows a pharmacist to dispense off a digital image of a prescription does not apply to Schedule 8 medicines and Schedule 4 drugs of dependence.

For all prescriptions that are transmitted digitally (emailed or faxed) to a pharmacy:

  1. Ensure that the patient’s telephone number is included on the prescription (in addition to usual identification details of name, address and date of birth)
  2. Document where you transmitted the prescription e.g. “Transmitted to X pharmacy under PHEO#4”

Test Call

Perform a Telehealth test call.

Staff Login

Login to Telehealth. Please check the patients details to ensure you are speaking with the correct patient.

VCC Reset Password

Forgot your password? Reset it here.

Telehealth Intranet Site

All Monash Health employee resources are located here. You will need to access this through Citrix if you are working off-site.

Latte – Monash Health’s Learning Management System

For information on getting the most out of your consult, please refer to Latte.

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