Learn more about our pathology services below.

Our pathology laboratories provide 24 hour access to an extensive range of pathology investigations for all disciplines for inpatients, hospital outpatients and privately referred patients. Laboratories are located at:

  • Casey Hospital
  • Dandenong Hospital
  • Monash Medical Centre Clayton
  • Moorabbin Hospital

A network of collection centres throughout south-eastern Melbourne.

We have an outstanding group of specialist pathologists available for consultation. We:

  • support Monash Health in delivering quality health care to the population it serves
  • support the community at large by providing Pathology services easily accessible to the public
  • provide a safe and stimulating work environment for employees
  • provide education to medical, scientific and nursing staff and students
  • support research.

Visit the Monash Health Pathology website to learn more

Monash Pathology provides a comprehensive range of clinical and laboratory services to the entire Monash Health network, community health programs and private healthcare providers.

Pathology team at Monash Health

Program Director – Prof Beena Kumar

Anatomical Pathology

Unit Head – Prof Beena Kumar
Subspeciality: Breast pathology, Lymphoma, Neuropathology

Dr Claire Abou-Seif
Subspeciality: Uropathology, Neuropathology, Lymphoma

Dr Edward Kwan
Subspeciality: Renal pathology, Perinatal pathology, Uropathology

Dr Emma Sturm
Subspeciality: Thoracic pathology, Breast pathology, Uropathology

Dr Eric Hu
Subspeciality: Thoracic pathology, Neuropathology, Dermatopathology

Dr Hock Kua
Subspeciality: Gastrointestinal pathology, Head and Neck pathology, Liver pathology

Dr Ian Simpson
Subspeciality: Renal pathology, Lymphoma, Liver pathology

Dr John Rees
Subspeciality: Gastrointestinal pathology, Dermatopathology, Cytopathology

Dr Pranav Dorwal
Subspeciality: Molecular pathology, Lymphoma, Renal pathology

Dr Sagarika Tripathy
Subspeciality: Perinatal pathology, Endocrine, Breast pathology

Dr Steuart Rorke
Subspeciality: Gynaecological oncology, Head and neck pathology, Uropathology

Dr Sukhpal Dayan
Subspeciality: Gynaecological oncology, Renal pathology, Breast pathology

Dr Yeu Sheng Ang
Subspeciality: Thoracic pathology, Liver pathology, Breast pathology

Dr Yuen Chan
Subspeciality: Perinatal pathology, Paediatric pathology, Gynaecological oncology


Dr Rhonda Pawlowski
Dr Jeremy Salim
Dr John Kuan
Dr Brigitte Papa


Unit Head – A/Prof Zhong Lu
Chemical Pathologist – Dr James Doery
Registrar – Dr Amas Lee


Unit Head – Prof Tony Korman
A/Prof Maryza Graham
Dr Kyra Chua
Registrar – Dr Grace Butel-Simoes

Diagnostic Genomics

Unit Head – Prof Beena Kumar
Genetic Pathologist – Dr Peter Kaub
Molecular Pathologist – Dr Pranav Dorwal
Molecular Haematologist – Dr Paul Yeh


Unit Head – A/Prof Sanjeev Chunilal
Prof Stephen Opat
Dr Gareth Gregory
Dr Zane Kaplan
Dr Pasquale Fedele
Dr Michael Low
Dr George Grigoriadis
Dr Kottayam Radhakrishnan


Unit Head – Dr Samar Ojaimi
Pathologist – Dr MaiAnh Nguyen