Welcome to your placement within the Audiology department at Monash Health.

Monash Audiology has 4 sites:

  • Monash Audiology – Clayton, located at Monash Medical Centre, Clayton
  • Monash Audiology – Monash Children’s Hospital, Clayton
  • Monash Audiology – Cranbourne located at the Cranbourne Centre, Cranbourne
  • Monash Audiology – Moorabbin, located at Moorabbin Hospital in East Bentleigh

We are Public Hospital Audiologists employed by Monash Health and remuneration is in accordance with the Medical Scientists Award.

Our Audiologists are a dynamic group of clinicians, committed to quality service provision, patient/client-centred care, research, quality and to enjoying the workplace environment. We hope that your placement days will assist you to consolidate some of your theory and provide you with some intensive and hands on paediatric diagnostic assessments.

All Audiology staff at Monash Audiology are qualified Audiologists and members of Audiology Australia. There is a mixture of full time and part time staff. All full time staff members as well as some part timers work across campuses.

We would like you to enjoy your time at Monash Health Audiology and hope that you will gain some valuable experience in our clinical setting.

Your Student Coordinator

Shaani Graves
T: 9594 2663

Your Site Contacts

Monash Audiology – Clayton, Moorabbin and MCHShaani Gravesshaani.graves@monashhealth.org9594 2663 (direct) / 9594 2428 (reception)
Monash Audiology – CranbourneJackie Niemannjacqueline.niemann@monashhealth.org5990 6168 (direct) / 5990 6180 (reception)


Contact with Clinical Agencies

Contact prior to clinical placement is not required in Audiology.

Clinical Placement Hours

  • Monash Audiology, Clayton – Monday to Friday 8.45am to 5.15pm
  • Monash Audiology, Monash Children’s Hospital – Monday to Friday 8:45am to 5:15 pm
  • Monash Audiology, Moorabbin – Monday to Friday 8.45am to 5.15pm
  • Monash Audiology, Cranbourne – open Tues, Thurs & Friday 8.45am to 5.15pm

Unless otherwise negotiated, the hours you are expected to be on site are: 8.45am to 5.15pm. There is no weekend service in Audiology.

Unplanned Absence

Please telephone the Audiology department at the relevant site before your scheduled start time if you are too ill to attend the clinical placement. The university will be notified of the absence and where possible all absences will be made up. A replacement session may be negotiated at a mutually convenient time with the Audiology department however may not always be possible.

Rostered Breaks

Each audiology area has no official morning and afternoon tea breaks. Tea and coffee are available from the staff room or common areas. Lunch times vary but a half hour lunch break will be given. There are Staff Cafeterias at each bed based site and Cranbourne Integrated Care Centre. Microwave and fridge facilities are available at each site.


It is an expectation that you will wear smart casual work attire with closed in toe/heel shoes. You will need to wear your university ID badge at all times. Please refer to Dress Code for more information.

Discipline services available at each site

The case load is predominantly paediatric and Monash Audiology is considered a centre of excellence in early detection of hearing loss as part of the Victorian Infant Hearing Screening Program (VIHSP). There is also an adult caseload and a small hearing aid and Bone conduction Implant (BCI) clinic at Clayton and Moorabbin fitting hearing devices to private patients only (no service provision for Hearing Services Program (HSP) clients.

The following diagnostic assessments are routinely performed within the department:

  • ABR (infant and adult)
  • ASSR
  • OAE
  • BOA
  • VRA
  • Play Audiometry
  • Speech Audiometry (age appropriate eg. KTT)
  • Tympanometry (including multi-probe for infants)
  • PTA

The majority of our patients are privately referred by doctors, paediatricians, ENTs, MCHC nurses or by parents themselves. For these patients there is an out-of –pocket expense for the hearing assessment. Infants under 6 months of age referred for ABR/ASSR, are bulk-billed.

Patients referred within the hospital network comprise approximately 50% of the overall clinical caseload. These patients are predominantly referred from ENT clinic, Cleft and Facial Anomalies Clinic, a wide variety of Paediatric clinics, Thalassaemia Clinic, Developmental Disabilities Clinic and Oncology.

A standard appointment for a paediatric patient in our clinic is of 30 minutes in duration. The ABR/ASSR appointments have a 90 minute duration.

Hearing Aids (Monash Audiology – Clayton and Moorabbin Sites)

A private hearing aid and Bone Conduction Implant service is available for adults. Monash Audiology is independent of all hearing aid manufacturers and distributors, giving the highest level of independent clinical advice.

Suggested preparation for clinical placements

Monash Audiology aims to provide you with a clinical experience as close to ′real working conditions′ as possible. We hope to provide you with a range of testing experiences however this may be impacted at times by patient complexity or if a patient fail to attend an appointment.

Prior to you placement and meeting your clinical supervisors, please give some thought to the following questions. They will assist your supervisor in tailoring your placement experience.

  • How much paediatric experience have you had so far?
  • How confident are you testing different age groups of children?
  • Are there any areas you would specifically like to improve in?


Both Audiologists offices have text books available for students to use. Unless negotiated, these texts are not to leave the Audiologists office.


Monash Audiology – Clayton
Level 2 Outpatients
Monash Medical Centre – Clayton
246 Clayton Rd, Clayton
Ph 9594 2428 (main reception)
9594 2429 (Audiology office)

Monash Audiology – Moorabbin
Monash ENT & Monash Audiology building
Rear of 867 Centre Road
East Bentleigh 3165

Monash Children’s Hospital – Audiology
Specialist Consulting Suite 2
246 Clayton Road
Clayton, 3168

Monash Audiology – Cranbourne
140-154 Sladen Street
Ph 5990 6180 (main reception)
5990 6168 (Audiology office)