Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about Monash Health’s Graduate Program.

Program structure

Do I get to choose the Monash Health site where I undertake my rotations?  

Successful candidates are given the option to nominate either their preferred site or preferred specialties as part of the onboarding process. Site preference takes the place of specialty preference. While all efforts are made to accommodate specialty preferences, these cannot be prioritised when nominating site preferences. 

Midwifery and Double Degree Graduates are asked to rank the maternity sites in order of preference and are allocated to a midwifery team at one site for the duration of their Graduate Program for continuity. Graduates are able to nominate their preferred sites and nursing specialty in these streams. 

I am completing my Postgraduate Diploma of Midwifery. Can I apply for the Graduate Program?

Yes. Candidates completing their Postgraduate Diploma of Midwifery who are not working in a Health Service Employment Model can apply through the GNMP PMCV match process. Candidates who are employed in a Health Service model can apply directly to unmatched positions from early November 2023.

Would I have the option to complete an Honours program during my graduate year? 

Yes. We encourage our graduates to grow their career and further their knowledge by undertaking an Honours program if they wish to do so. 

How many study days are provided during the program? 

All Graduates complete a minimum of 5 study days which includes an extensive orientation and specialty study days relevant to their ward area. Many specialty areas and all maternity areas provide additional study days due to the operational needs of those areas. 

How many supernumerary days do Graduates get in each rotation? 

Graduates receive a minimum of 2 supernumerary days in each rotation. However, some areas will provide additional supernumerary time depending on the orientation requirements of the ward/specialty. 

Do you offer support to Indigenous Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Graduate Program applicants? 

Yes. Monash Health offers a pathway and dedicated support for Aboriginal Nurses and Midwives. Applicants must still register through PMCV APS and submit an application to the Graduate Program job advertisements via Monash Health eMercury system. 

As a Graduate, am I able to choose the shifts I want to work? 

All Monash Health Graduates are required to work a rotating roster, which includes morning, afternoon, and night shifts across all days of the week, including weekends and public holidays.  

Many wards allow Graduates to request shifts, but requests are not guaranteed. This process is managed by the Unit Manager of the graduate’s rotation area. 

What is the minimum number of hours I can work in my Graduate year? 

Monash Health Graduates are contracted to a minimum of 0.84EFT (64 hours per fortnight). 

Is there an option to work in a specialty area after your Graduate year if you have not done a rotation previously? 

Monash Health provides Transition to Specialty Practice programs known as TSP in many speciality areas. You are eligible to apply to TSP programs or ongoing employment in any areas at Monash Health at the completion of your program, even if you have not completed a rotation in these areas.  

What are my options for ongoing employment after completing the Graduate year? 

In the last months of the program, Monash Health Graduates may choose to apply to jobs within their preferred areas to obtain ongoing employment post their Graduate year.  

If the Graduate does not obtain a preferred position or does not wish to apply to a specific ward or specialty, the Graduate is automatically granted ongoing employment in Monash Health Bureau Pool at the end of their Graduate year. Graduates are then able to continue to apply directly to ward areas whilst working in Monash Health Bureau Pool if they wish to do so.

Streams and Specialties

How many graduate positions are there in each stream?

The following table contains approximate position numbers for each stream:

StreamApprox. position #
General Nursing Summer295
General Nursing Autumn215
Paediatric and Neonatal Nursing Stream50
General Nursing Winter160
Mental Health Nursing Summer60
Mental Health Nursing Autumn15
Mental Health Nursing Winter15
Midwifery and Double Degree Summer75
Midwifery and Double Degree Autumn10
Midwifery and Double Degree Winter14

Do Double Degree Graduates receive a specialty nursing rotation?

Yes, from 2024 our Double Degree Graduates will receive a nursing rotation in either our Surgical, Emergency, Newborn or Cardiac specialty areas.

What is the general Nursing Stream?

In the General Nursing streams (Summer, Autumn and Winter) graduates will be granted one rotation from selected preferences from a range of clinical area options including:

Acute Surgical


Acute Medical


Adult Intensive Care







MMC Moor

Sub-Acute & Rehabilitation

King CH

Newborn Services


Day Units and Specialist Clinics 


Residential Aged Care 

Doveton, King, Nobel Park 

Palliative Care  




Gastrosciences (including Gastroenterology, Colorectal and Gastrosurgery)


Neurosciences / Neurology / Neurosurgery


Cardiology / Cardiothoracics/ Cardiac Specialties  


Diagnostic imaging






Renal / Nephrology


Graduates may rotate to their preference area in either their first or second clinical rotation (Excluding graduates who have nominated site preference). For their other rotation, the graduate may be placed in any clinical area across Monash Health.  

What are my options if I want to do paediatrics in my Graduate year? 

Applicants who wish to pursue a career in paediatrics may apply to either: 

  • The Monash Health Paediatric & Neonatal Nursing Stream which offers both Graduate Program rotations in paediatric/neonatal settings 
  • The General Nursing Program Summer, Autumn & Winter Streams offer applicants paediatrics/newborn as one option for their five specialty preference areas. This option would be preferable for applicants who do not wish to complete both of their rotations in paediatrics. Please note that if you nominate paediatrics in the General Nursing Program, it is considered one of your five preferences, it is not guaranteed that you will rotate to paediatrics or neonatal areas. 

Application Process 

Can I apply for more than one Monash Health Graduate Program Stream? 

Yes, applicants may apply to multiple Monash Health Program Nursing, Midwifery or Double Degree streams.  

If you select multiple streams, including Monash Health Paediatric & Neonatal Nursing Stream, you must: 

If I apply to multiple streams (i.e., Monash Health Paediatric & Neonatal Nursing Stream and General Nursing Summer; or General Nursing Summer and Autumn Streams), will this take up multiple spaces in my PMCV? 

Yes, each stream you apply for will take up one space in your PMCV preference list. For more information, please visit the GNMP PMCV website. 

Do you require clinical appraisals to be submitted with my application? 

No. Monash Health do not require clinical appraisal submissions with your application. 

I have never done a placement at Monash Health; will this affect my application? 

No. Monash Health welcomes applications from all eligible candidates. 

I am not finishing my degree until mid 2024. Should I wait until next year to apply for midyear (Winter) 2024 graduate positions? 

No. Applicants interested in commencing midyear in 2024 will be required to apply to the Winter Stream through this round of PMCV. 

Applicants will need to select the relevant Winter stream option on the first page of their  Monash Health Graduate Digital Application Formand lodge their application in the relevant 2024 Graduate Program job advertisement. 

Those applicants who are participating in PMCV APS also need to rank Monash Health Graduate Program General Nursing Winter stream as one of their four preferences. Midwives and Double Degree Graduates will need to rank the Midwifery or Double Degree Winter streams. 

Should I include my upcoming placements when filling out the application form? 

Yes, if you are aware of any scheduled future placements, please include these in your Application Form. 

I am completing a double degree in Nursing and Paramedicine, should I include my paramedic clinical placements in the placement section of the application template? 

If you would like to include these placements in your application form under the ‘Fourth year’ clinical placement section, you can do so if you clearly indicate which placements were paramedic placements and which were nursing/midwifery. However, it is not a requirement that they be included. 

Do I need to have my academic transcript, WWCC and IHS certified before submitting it with my application?  

No. Monash Health accepts scanned copies of all documents to support applications. They must be true, exact copies of the originals.  

Does Monash Health require a photo to be submitted with the application? 

You may submit a photo with your application by uploading this to your eMercury account profile if you wish to do so. However, it is not a requirement. 

If I am matched with another health provider rather than Monash Health during first round of GNMP PMCV match can I still apply to Monash in the second round? 

If you are matched to any organisation in the first round of GNMP PMCV you will be unable to participate in the second round of offers. It is important to remember that any offer made through GNMP PMCV is binding and you are ineligible to receive an offer from any other organisation that participates in GNMP PMCV. 


Do I need to provide contact phone numbers for my referees? 

References are conducted via email. Phone numbers are only used to contact referees if we are unable to reach them via email. We understand that some referees will elect not to provide a phone contact number. If your referee does not wish to provide you with a contact number, double-check with them that you have their correct email address before adding this to your application to ensure we are able to reach them. 

When should referees expect to be contacted? 

Referees for first round recruitment will be contacted from when applications open on 5th June until Friday 14th July 2023 which is the final date for them to submit their referee reports. 

Referees for second round and Post-PMCV recruitment can expect to be contacted from mid October 2023 onwards.

Do Double Degree Nursing/Midwifery Graduate applicants need to provide 2 nursing referees and 2 midwifery referees, or can they be all midwifery referees? 

We encourage double degree applicants to provide one nursing referee and one midwifery referee if possible. However, we do understand that this may not be realistic for double degree applicants due to the gaps between placements. If you are unable to provide one from each, you can provide all midwifery referees such as midwifery educators, placement facilitators or buddy/preceptor midwives who have worked with you during clinical placement. This will not disadvantage your application. 

Can I submit a mental health referee when applying for the General Nursing or Paediatric & Neonatal Stream? 

Monash Health utilise the reference checks completed through GNMP PMCV which will allow you to nominate 2 clinical referees. We encourage you to provide referees from acute placements who can speak to your clinical skills. 

I work as a RUSON, can I nominate my ANUM as a clinical referee? 

Candidates who have worked as Registered Undergraduate Student of Nursing or Midwifery (RUSON/RUSOM) can nominate clinical supervisors (i.e. Unit Managers, Associate Unit Managers) from their RUSON/RUSOM employment or placements as one of their referees. 

If we’re on placement whilst GNMP PMCV applications are open, are we able to submit a referee afterwards? 

Yes, you can supply additional referees to further support your application. 

International students – Australian Trained Temporary Residents (ATTR) 

I am an international student. Can I apply for the Monash Health Graduate Program? 

Australian Trained Temporary Resident (ATTR) candidates can now apply for Graduate positions through the GNMP PMCV Nursing, Midwifery or Double Degree streams.  

The application process is the same for both domestic and ATTR candidates.


Do I need to complete an interview in addition to the GNMP PMCV video interview?

No. Monash Health utilises the video interviews recorded through GNMP PMCV for the purpose of screening candidates. In subsequent recruitment rounds that do not use GNMP PMCV, candidates will receive video links directly from Monash Health. The only exception to this is Mental Health Nursing candidates who may be asked to attend a face-to-face interview.

When sitting a video interview, do we have time to prepare answers to the questions?

The interview system will allow a couple of minutes for you to read the question, then approximately 2 minutes to respond. We recommend that you complete your interview in a quiet, private place to minimise disruptions as you will be unable to delete and re-record your responses.

Do you have any tips for video interviews?

  • Approach the video interview as you would a face to face or in-person interview, aim to look neat and professional
  • Position yourself directly in front or your computer or external microphone and speak clearly to ensure that the system can easily capture the audio of your answers
  • Pick a quiet place with good lighting to complete your interview, away from any sources of background noise
  • Listen carefully to each question
  • Avoid reading verbatim from pre-prepared notes
  • Relax and be yourself

Please refer to GNMP PMCV for additional resources related to Interviews.