Satellite haemodialysis units

Haemodialysis is a procedure used to maintain a patient with end stage renal failure by using an artificial kidney machine (dialysis machine) to replace the excretory function of the failed kidneys.

Blood from the patient is pumped from the body through special tubing to the dialysis machine, where it travels through the dialyser, cleaned then returned to the patient.

Once the patient has received a fistula to allow haemodialysis to occur, and has spent around two weeks in the incentre haemodialysis unit to stabilise, the patient is transferred to a satellite unit, unless one of the two home dialysis options has been chosen.

Facility or hospital based haemodialysis units are referred to as satellite units. Monash Health has four units located in the south-east Melbourne metropolitan region and four located in Gippsland. Patients dialyse three times a week, for five hours per session.

Locations (metropolitan sites)


Opening hours
Berwick – Casey Hospital, 62-70 Kangan Drive, telephone 8768 1566
Monday, Wednesday and Friday 7am-11pm and Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 7am-7pm
Free patient parking on site. Melways Street Directory Map 111 Reference D11
Cranbourne – Cranbourne Centre, 140-154 Sladen Street, telephone 5990 6272
Monday, Wednesday and Friday 7am-11.30pm; Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 7am-7pm
Free patient parking on site. Melways Street Directory Map 134 Reference A6
Dandenong – 122 Thomas Street, Dandenong, telephone 9792 7800
Monday to Saturday 7am-7pm
Limited parking on site. Paid council multi-storey (all day)car parking nearby. Paid street parking for one to four hours nearby. Melways Street Directory Map 90 Reference D8
Moorabbin – Monash Medical Centre, Moorabbin, 865 Centre Road, telephone 9928 8786
Monday, Wednesday and Friday 7am-11.30pm; Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 7am-7pm
Free parking on site. Melways Street Directory Map 78


Location details (rural sites)

Monash Health has agreements in place with other hospitals to provide the rural satellite haemodialysis services:

Opening hours
Traralgon, Latrobe Regional Hospital Princes Highway, telephone 5173 8849
Monday to Saturday 7am-8.30pm
Free street and premises parking
Warragul, West Gippsland Healthcare Group Landsborough Street, telephone 5623 0885
Monday to Saturday, 7am-3pm
Free street and premises parking
Wonthaggi, Bass Coast Health Graham Street, telephone 5671 3309
Monday to Saturday 7am-3pm
Free street and premises parking


Each of the satellite haemodialysis units treat as many patients as they are able, and each has a waiting list of patients seeking a permanent position in that unit. Although each patient is asked to nominate the haemodialysis location they would prefer to be on a permanent basis, being offered a place at the location of choice is not possible straight away. This is relevant for the metropolitan locations only.

It is likely that the patient will be moving from one haemodialysis location to another until a vacancy arises in the chosen unit. However, we do aim to gain a regular position for each patient in another haemodialysis location, as close to home as possible, while the patient waits for a place in their ideal location.

Monash Health offers newly available positions to patients based on the time they have been on the waiting list. This means that the patient waiting for the longest time is offered the next available position first.

Satellite units outside Monash Health

Monash Health has arrangements in place with twenty units operated by other Victorian Health Services and providers for patients to access, including:

Box Hill
Box Hill Hospital (Eastern Health), 16 Arnold Street, telephone 9092 6787
East Burwood
Peter James Centre (Eastern Health), Mahoneys Road, telephone 9881 1154
East Ringwood
Maroondah Hospital (Eastern Health), 3-5 Wave Crescent, telephone 8706 3015
Frankston Hospital (Peninsula Health), Hastings Road, telephone 9784 7243
Sandringham Hospital (Alfred Health), 193 Bluff Road, telephone 9921 1421
Upper Ferntree Gully
Angliss Hospital (Eastern Health), Albert Street, telephone 9764 6112