Outpatient services

>We provide specialist outpatient consultations for patients with a wide variety of infectious diseases, including dedicated services for HIV infection, mycobacterial infections (including tuberculosis), infections in pregnancy and travel health.

Doctors can discuss possible urgent referrals with the Monash Infectious Diseases doctor on call (03 9594 4564 or 9594 6666 & page).

Monash Infectious Diseases Outpatient Clinics

  • Monday         1.30-4.30 pm Clinic, Dandenong  Infectious Diseases
  • Tuesday        4.30 pm-       Clinic M, Clayton    Monash Travel Health
  • Wednesday   9 am-12 pm   Clinic B, Clayton     Mycobacterial infections (inc. TB)
  • Thursday       9 am-12 pm   Clinic D, Clayton     Infections in Pregnancy
  • Friday            9 am-12 pm   Clinic M, Clayton     Infectious Diseases, including HIV

Monash Infectious Diseases Physicians also attend Refugee Health Clinics.

Patients need to obtain a referral from a medical practitioner.
Please inform us if one of our extensive range of interpreters is required.
No cost to clients eligible for Medicare.
No out-of-pocket expenses for patients with active tuberculosis.

Private Consultations

Outpatient appointments with our Infectious Diseases Physicians are available. Consultations are usually bulk-billed.

Paediatric Infectious Diseases

The Department of Paediatric Infectious Diseases, Monash Children’s Hospital, provides a Paediatric Infectious Diseases Outpatient Clinic at Specialist Consulting Suite 1, Level 2 at Monash Children’s Hospital, every Wednesday 8.30am-12pm.

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