Community Rehabilitation

Occupational Therapists working in community rehabilitation support people to maximise their participation in meaningful activities and life roles following acute illness, injury or disease.

Occupational Therapists working in community rehabilitation use the client’s daily occupations to promote health, wellbeing and purpose.

What does Occupational Therapy offer?

Occupational Therapists provide holistic assessments and individualised rehabilitation to reach client’s identified goals and life visions. Clients are seen within their home and community environments as well as at our community rehabilitation centres. Community Rehabilitation offers time-limited client-centred rehabilitation.

Occupational Therapists working in community rehabilitation are in the fortunate situation of being able to see our clients where they live and engage in their usual occupations. For example their home, workplace, local gym, local shopping centre, beach, the list goes on… Engaging in occupations improves strength, endurance, cognitive ability, mood, confidence and health.

Occupational Therapists work in a team with several other health professionals providing a high quality interprofessional service. The team work closely together integrating impairment and participation based rehabilitation. Client’s engage in their valued occupations as they progress towards their rehabilitation goals.


Access and Intake


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