Acute services

Occupational Therapists working within acute care provide targeted assessment and intervention to enable patients to participate in their chosen and necessary activities within their daily lives taking into account their health status.

Acute occupational therapists work with other health professionals to support a robust and timely discharge from hospital and focus particularly on enabling completion of personal care with sustainable support.

The occupational therapist is part of a multi-disciplinary treating team, providing targeted assessments and tailored interventions to maximise the quality of life and safety of patients and their caregivers. This is achieved through comprehensive discharge planning, a commitment to patient-centred care, collaborative practice and evidence-based knowledge.

Occupational Therapists strive to understand and consider a person’s physical, cognitive, social and environmental factors that impact their health and well-being both during their hospital stay and in planning for discharge to their living environment. So a holistic approach is a hallmark of an occupational therapist’s contribution to patient care.

What does Occupational Therapy offer?

During the admission

Any person who is admitted to a Monash Health in-patient unit can access an Occupational Therapist during their hospital admission. Any member of the treating team can make the referral.

Your occupational therapist will assess you to understand what activities you can do (and those you want to do), any current limitations, and your goals/motivations. You may be offered advice, techniques and/or training about how to do something more easily and safely. At times this will involve the use of devices and/or equipment to allow you optimal participation in the activities you want and need to do for your health and wellbeing.

Specialised areas of focus:

  • Assessment of a patient’s participation in daily activities, considering individual needs, environment and overall capacity
  • Cognition, including delirium and dementia assessment, or related to specific neurological conditions such as stroke
  • Perception and sensory performance
  • Pressure Care
  • Falls prevention strategies
  • Seating
  • Assessment of the home and community environment to assist with discharge planning
  • Team decisions regarding referral for sub-acute care and other on-going therapy
  • Facilitation of NDIS plans and My Aged Care access

Specialised therapy provision

  • Complex discharge planning
  • Upper limb therapy utilising evidence-based approaches to facilitate recovery
  • Implementation of strategies to mitigate and improve cognitive and executive function
  • Individual functional re-training, purposeful and targeted to individual needs, particularly in early stroke care
  • Provision of equipment
  • Modification of the home environment
  • Identification of required services such as personal care, home help, meal provision
  • Provision of pressure care strategies, and/or equipment (cushions and mattresses)
  • Facilitation of community access and participation
  • Family and carer training in preparation for discharge home
  • Oedema (swelling) management

Referrals during the admission

  • Must be made to Occupational Therapy Bed-based Services via the Electronic Medical Record.
  • Urgent referrals should be followed up by a phone call to the relevant clinician.
  • Early referral is encouraged so that patient requirements can be prioritised for timely discharges.

If you have any questions regarding Occupational Therapy Bed-based Services, please contact the Occupational Therapist on the ward (pager numbers on wards), or the relevant Occupational Therapy manager.

Outpatient Occupational Therapy Services

The Occupational Therapy Team at Monash Medical Centre and Moorabbin Hospitals provide services to outpatients through specialist multi-disciplinary clinics including:

Orthopaedics Pre-Admission Clinic
Outpatient Clinic, Level 2, Moorabbin Hospital

Spasticity Clinic
Neurology Clinic, Level 2, Monash Medical Centre

Friedreich’s Ataxia Clinic

Referrals for outpatient services

Referral to these clinics needs to occur through a medical professional and wait times will vary. Please note, we do not have outpatient services for occupational therapy at Monash Medical Centre or Moorabbin hospitals outside of these clinics. If you require outpatient follow-up, you will require a referral to a community-based outpatient service.