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Learn about applying for the Monash Health Graduate Program.

Applying for the Monash Health Graduate Program

To be considered for 2022 Monash Health Graduate Program positions, all applicants must:

  1. Register with Post Graduate Medical Counsel of Victoria (PMCV) Allocations and Placement Service (APS) and rank their preferred Monash Health Program streams if eligible to do so.
  2. Create an account/login on the Monash Health Mercury website and submit an application to the relevant job advertisement prior to the closing date. If you are a current Monash Health employee you must submit your application through the Mercury website using your Monash Health employee account.

Before commencing your application, please read the Monash Health 2022 Graduate Program Application Guidelines carefully and follow the instructions.

Application Process

As part of your application, you will be required to submit the following:

  1. A completed Monash Health 2022 Graduate Program Application Template
  2. A recent Academic Transcript, including the grading key page
  3. Two Clinical Appraisals from your most recent clinical placements. Please submit appraisals from acute/sub-acute/critical care placements only if applying to the general Nursing streams.

Clinical appraisals and academic transcripts do not need to be certified. Any scanned transcript or appraisal documentation submitted with your application must be true and exact copies of the originals.

Clinical Placements Impacted by COVID-19

We appreciate that due to disruptions to placements caused by COVID-19, some candidates may have to submit either second year appraisals or an appraisal from a community or mental health placement if necessary, to ensure their application is complete. These candidates can then submit an updated third year appraisal via email to when it becomes available.

Clinical References

References are an important part of your Graduate Program application. At Monash Health, applicants are given the opportunity to nominate four clinical referees in their application. This strategy assists us in obtaining appropriate references in a timely manner and ensures that you are not disadvantaged in the recruitment process due to reference issues.

We appreciate that due to placement disruptions caused by COVID-19, some candidates may have difficulty nominating a third or fourth referee prior to application closing dates. Those candidates should record their two primary references on their Monash Health Application Template and can submit two alternative clinical referees later in the recruitment process if they become available.

Please note your primary clinical references should be a Registered Nurse or Midwife who has worked closely with you during a clinical placement, such as a preceptor or buddy, associate manager or unit manager, clinical educator or facilitator. References not related to clinical placement such as PCA, EN or non-healthcare related employment should be used as alternative/back-up referees only.

Mental Health Nursing Stream Application Process

Please note that the Mental Health Nursing Stream has a separate application process to the general Nursing streams. For more information, please refer to the Mental Health Nursing 2022 Graduate Program Application Guidelines.

When applying to the Mental Health Nursing Graduate Program job advertisements through the Monash Health Mercury website, you must upload and attach the following documents with your submission:

  1. Mental Health 2022 Graduate Program Application Template
  2. A cover letter for the Mental Health Nursing Stream (required for this stream only)
  3. Academic Transcript, including a grading key page
  4. Two clinical appraisals, including a mental health appraisal if available

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PMCV Ineligible Applications

Monash Health Graduate Program will be accepting applications from applicants who are not eligible to participate in PMCV Allocations and Placement Service (APS) through the PMCV Ineligible Stream job advertisement (Ad# 46392) that will open on the Monash Health Mercury website soon. Please continue to monitor the website.

PMCV Ineligible applicants may commence preparing their applications using the following guidelines and template:

Contact us

For more information about the Monash Health Graduate Program, please contact the Graduate Program team or the Mental Health Graduate Nurse Program Coordinator, Shelley Black.

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