Clinician lecture series

Clinicians, from 8 differing specialisations and who are experts in Parkinson’s, discuss common problems caused by Parkinson’s and ways to manage them.

The Movement Disorders Program acknowledges the financial assistance provided by the Parkinson’s Foundation, USA, for the production of the following videos.

Lecture series

Identify the topic that best matches your problem or interest. To help you find the relevant video, the videos are ordered according to each clinician’s specialisation.

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Nutrition and constipation

Nutrition and Parkinson’s disease medications

Weight changes in Parkinson’s disease

Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) Surgery for Parkinson’s

Medication for Parkinson’s

Changes to thinking and memory

Bladder and bowel changes in Parkinson’s Disease

Making it easier to get things done with Parkinson’s

Understanding and Living with fatigue

Exercise in Parkinson’s

Falls Prevention in Parkinson’s

Caring for someone with Parkinson’s Disease

An introduction to funded supports and how to access them: NDIS and My Aged Care

New diagnosis: Parkinson’s disease

Swallowing and Saliva control in Parkinson’s

Conversation Difficulties in Parkinson’s

Changes in my voice with Parkinson’s