Movement Disorders Program

The Monash Health Movement Disorders Program at the Kingston Centre is a Centre of Excellence in the provision of healthcare for people living with a movement disorder, particularly Parkinson’s disease.

About us

The Movement Disorders Program supports you to take control of your movement disorder and to optimise your quality of life.

Information for patients and health professionals

Find out about making an appointment to attend the Movement Disorder Clinic, what to expect at your first appointment, and much more.

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Get in touch with the Movement Disorders Program at Monash Health.

Understanding movement disorders

Movement Disorders refers to a group of neurological conditions that cause abnormal increased movements or reduced or slow movements.

Clinical Research Centre for Movement Disorders and Gait

The Centre is part of a large collaboration of Melbourne research institutions, the Clinical Centre for Research Excellence in Clinical Gait Analysis and Gait Rehabilitation (Gait CCRE)

Personal experiences of Parkinson’s care

People with Parkinson’s and their families share their experiences of the care they received from the Kingston Centre’s Movement Disorders Program.

Self-help videos – Parkinson’s Disease

We’ve developed self-help videos that cover top strategies to help people with Parkinson’s manage some of the common difficulties that they may experience in their everyday life.

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The Movement Disorders Program acknowledges the assistance of the Parkinson’s Foundation’s 2019 International Innovation Grant for Centers of Excellence in the development of this website.