Our Staff

Our staff are committed to the best possible clinical care of their patients and to advancing care through research and evidence based medicine.

Monash Respiratory and Sleep Medicine

Prof Philip Bardin

Deputy Director
A/Prof Peter Holmes

Deputy Director
A/Prof Darren Mansfield

Operations Manager
Ms Karen Newman

Director Paediatric Respiratory Medicine/CF
A/Prof David Armstrong

Director Monash Sleep Centre
A/Prof Darren Mansfield

Director Melbourne Children’s Sleep Unit
Dr Margot Davey

Director Sleep Research
A/Prof Garun Hamilton

Director Respiratory Research
Dr Paul King

Director Adult CF
Dr Chris Daley

Adult Respiratory Physicians
Dr Peter McLaughlin
Dr Xun Li
Dr Chris Daley
Dr Paul King
Dr Garun Hamilton
Dr Barton Jennings
Dr Martin MacDonald
Dr Simon Joosten
Dr Sara Barnes
Dr Alistair Miller
Dr Kathy Low
Dr Eric Kuo

Paediatric Respiratory Physicians
Prof Nick Freezer
Dr David Armstrong
Dr Gillian Nixon
Dr Angela McCullagh
Dr Marc Theilhaber
Dr Rob Roseby

2015 Registrars (Adult)
Dr Paul Leong
Dr Ged Dalgleish
Dr Tim Cheung
Dr Lin Mo

2015 Registrars (Paediatric)
Dr Vishal Saddi

Senior Respiratory Scientist
Mr Paul Finlay

Senior Sleep Scientist
Mr Anthony Turton

Clinical Trials Unit Manager
Ms Joanne McKenzie

Private Practice Manager
Ms Marie Brennan


Adult Physicians
Dr Michael Farmer
Dr Chris Daley
Dr Dinesha DeSilva
Dr Eric Kuo


Adult Physician
Dr Michael Farmer

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