HIV in Pregnancy

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Victorian Maternal-Paediatric HIV Consortium

Monash Infectious Diseases are part of the Victorian Maternal-Paediatric HIV Consortium and work closely with our colleagues at Southern Health Obstetrics, and Paediatric Infectious DIseases, Monash Children’s and the Victorian HIV service.

Who we are

Our group comprises infectious diseases specialists, obstetricians, infectious diseases paediatricians, clinical nurse consultant, midwives and allied health professionals with expertise in the clinical management of HIV positive pregnant women and their children.What we do

  • co-ordinate the clinical care and follow up for HIV positive pregnant women and their children at Monash Medical Centre (the consortium also supports the Royal Women’s Hospital)
  • provide a secondary consult service to interstate and regional centres
  • facilitate interventions during pregnancy to reduce perinatal HIV transmission
  • provide advice on antenatal care, birth options, breastfeeding and follow up post partum
  • liaise with other health professionals including pharmacy, social work, support agencies for example HIV CALD Service or Outreach Social Work and Maternal and Child Health Nurses
  • provide information on available services and education