Psychologists, social workers and nurse-family therapists offer community-based counselling in community health centres and through home visits.

Community-based Counselling is available for both adult and paediatric clients

Adult Counselling provides professional assistance and guidance to assist clients to resolve personal or psychological issues, support making changes in life and fostering wellbeing. Counsellors provide help with issues such as anxiety, depression, stress and grief.

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Paediatric Counselling offers counselling and therapy to children, teenagers, families and carers. They have the experience to assist, understand and develop skills in the areas of:

  • counselling for children 0-14 years old with anxiety, depression and behavioural concerns, and social issues
  • family and relationships
  • grief, loss and trauma
  • parenting issues and concerns
  • antenatal and postnatal depression and parenting issues

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Eligibility criteria

Waiting list

There is a waiting list. You will be contacted when a place becomes available.


Referrals to Community-based programs should be sent by eReferral through Healthlink or by email – click this link for Referrals for Community-based Services.

Phone:  03 8572 5631