General Medicine

The General Medicine Program at Monash Health provides inpatient services at Monash Medical Centre Clayton, Dandenong Hospital and Casey hospital with an annual admission rate of over 10,000 patients.

The current clinical staff includes; 15 General Physicians many of whom also have a super specialty interest, 4 advanced trainees, 10 basic trainees and 25 HMO’s, nurses, allied health and support staff. There is a strong focus on multidisciplinary care and teamwork.

General Medicine has an extensive training programme for advanced trainees in general and acute care medicine, encompassing rotations through Acute Assessment Units (AAU), Intensive care, Cardiology, General Medical wards and outpatient clinics.

There are research opportunities available, recent projects include bacteraemia in elderly patients, use of indwelling catheters in general medical patients, characteristics of complex patients and nitric oxide therapy in patients with COPD. There is also a wide range of development and redesign projects ongoing including structured interdisciplinary ward rounds, accountable care units, handover, and electronic clinical notes.

Contact information – Irene Naitoro