Our maternity service is the largest maternity provider in Victoria providing care to over 9,000 women each year across three hospitals: Monash Medical Centre (Clayton), Dandenong and Casey.

To make a referral, please complete the Maternity Booking Referral Template. This enables us to triage all women’s booking requests equitably. Bookings are triaged considering several factors including : the level of care available at the site, the woman’s residential locality, the hospital site capacity for births, together with each woman’s identified preferences.

Doctors can advise women that they will be contacted by the call centre within 1 to 2 weeks. Should a woman not hear back from the booking service within this timeframe the referral should be followed up by fax or email enquiry to the call centre.

As well as faxing this form, please give a copy to your patient along with a referral letter containing any other relevant information, to bring to their first Monash Health appointment.

Contact information

Please remember that the quality of your referral implacts on our ability to appropriately triage and contact women and ensure ALL asterisked(*) items on the form are completed.

Besides all relevent demographic and clinical information please remember to include:

  • Estimated due date
  • Indication of whether this is a first or subsequent pregnancy
  • Language spoken/Interpreter requirment
  • Height/Weight (BMI)

If the information provided is not adequate for triage purposes, you will be contacted to re-submit a completed referral before the booking can proceed.

Please remember to give a copy of all relevant results to women to bring to their appointments.

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