Immunology and Allergy

The Immunology and Allergy unit provides care for Primary and Acquired Immunodeficiencies and allergic conditions.


The Immunology unit provides care for adults at Monash Health with Primary and Acquired Immunodeficiency’s. It also provides expertise in the management of angioedema, urticaria and systemic vasculitis.

  • Please address the referral to Head of Unit: Prof Stephen Holdsworth


The Allergy unit provides a number of services for patients with allergic conditions. We provide the state Jack Jumper Ant Immunotherapy service as well as bee and wasp immunotherapy. We also offer testing for IgE mediated medication reactions, rhinitis and asthma. Please note pts and Atopic dermatitis will be seen if referred by a dermatologist.

  • Please address the referral to Head of Unit: Dr Sara Barnes

Jack Jumper Ant Immunotherapy and general Allergy enquiries

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