Monash Audiology provides services for the diagnosis and treatment of hearing disorders in newborns, infants, children and adults.

Monash Audiology specialises in paediatric testing and early diagnosis of permanent childhood hearing impairment. Monash Audiology has facilities and expertise in the assessment of patients with developmental disabilities, including testing under sedation or general anaesthetic if required.

Monash Audiology fits conventional and implantable hearing devices for patients who are not covered by government services. Our service is completely independent, with no sales incentives or targets. Devices range in technical sophistication and cost and will only be recommended if there is a clear indication.

  • Address referral to the Head of Unit, Ms Shaani Graves
  • The patient will be seen by an Audiologist
  • The referral should indicate that it is valid for an indefinite period

Referral Template

PDF document

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